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Tips to discipline toddler

Your toddler just threw a temper tantrum on the floor. And also wants to wear that princess costume the fifth day in a row. You are not alone in managing these tantrums. Read on how to keep calm and cool in this kind of situation.

Here, they know they can make things happen, and their actions matter. They are not rational thinkers as well as they have little self-control. It is a very challenging combination of after all. And they know they can put an imprint over the world. That’s why they throw tantrums.

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Be consistent

When there are some order, predictability, and routine, they tend to be much more behaved and calm. Because they know what to expect.  Do try to keep to the same schedule every day. That means taking consistent nap times, mealtimes, and bedtimes.

Avoid stressful situations
Hunger, sleepiness, and quick changes of venue are the things that get reactions from your child. You have to remember if it’s nap-time then, you don’t have to go to the grocery store. Always keep food on hand when he hits a hunger attack.

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Think like a toddler

They have trouble understanding many of the things we always take for granted, like following directions and behaving appropriately. Understanding the scenario from a toddler’s perspective can help prevent a tantrum. Giving them choices like they can take their favorite book or favorite snack in the car can respect your toddlers’ feelings. They think they can control the scene as well as when you remain in charge.

Practice the art of distraction

The idea is not to punish the child but do something more productive by picking the things up and getting going. If you’ve been told for the nth time that you should play the game in the house, then it’s time you should move the game outside and don’t punish but find alternate ways to tackle the problem. Create an environment that is good for toddler behavior.

Give your child a break

When your toddler has done something good, you should recognize that there’s a good chance your child will not want to do it again. Sometimes, they do the wrong thing just to catch your attention. Also, find a cosy corner where your child can just chill and free up his mind and find his space.

Stay calm
Even when you want to vent out the frustration, don’t feel stressed at all and keep calm in situations. Parents feel worse and more guilty when they should not. It will not do your child any good. Sometimes the best tactic is to ignore the behaviour entirely that is expected out of your toddler. You just have to discipline them in such a way they exude good behaviour. Sometimes their behaviour makes you spank them but keep your cool.

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Know when to give in
You can sometimes give in to their demands by letting your toddler wear a superhero costume to the grocery store or reading their favourite story 10 times in a row. In this way, you can change the entire shift and outlook and can see for yourself how have they changed for the better.

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Be a role model material
For example, you tell your child to put away the toys but you haven’t picked up your belonging and they are stuffed in the room. To avoid this kind of behavior and become a role model for your children.

They are curious and investigative by nature. They want to explore the world. Keep
TVs, phones, and electronics out of reach. Also beware of all these choking hazards like jewelry, buttons, etc that kids can put in their mouths. So, be careful about that too.

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Few other tips:

  • Do make sure your child isn’t acting up to get attention. Reward your kid for positive behavior. Catch him when he does something right.
  • Give your toddler control over little things. Ask minor choices such as “Would you like an apple or banana with lunch?”
  • When kids are playing or trying to master a new task, offer games and toys. Give them the easy things first and then, you can go ahead for difficult things.
  • Understand the request carefully when your child wants something.

Be consistent, there may be struggles with your toddler. But there are some good days than bad days. In the end, it’s your little effort day by day that adds to the progress of your toddler behavior. You should not give in to their demands rather not punish them too. Keep it moderate and sometimes give in to their requests to bring change in their behavior.

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