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Tips of dental care for children

Tooth decay in children is a very common problem but it can be cured very easily if we take the treatment on time. The children are impossible to understand that chocolates, candies, and other market foods are not good for their teeth as well as their health too. The only thing parents can do is to take care of their eating habits and keep their teeth and gums hygienic.

Tooth decay can lead to the loss of tooth which is not at all-natural. There are many cases where the tooth loss from tooth decay does not come again and at last, the false tooth becomes the last option. However, this is not a very big deal to prevent baby teeth from decaying. The only thing you have to do is to follow the strict rules and healthy tooth-caring tips.

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The tooth decay process starts from the first day when the baby’s first tooth comes out. According to doctors, the teeth of the baby developed in the second trimester of pregnancy. During birth time, a baby has 20 primary teeth but they are invisible. There are many cases when babies have a tooth during their birth time. According to Hindu culture, this is not a good sign but logically the pre-birth teeth are natural. This is the reason why a pregnant woman is always asked to take healthy diets.

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Check out some of the essential talks about the dental care of our kids:

Exact Kid’s Age to introduce the brush

There is no exact age of cleaning the teeth of the baby. Even you can also clean his teeth when he is of 2-3 months. The cleaning and hygienic tips will cure your baby of various diseases. Check out some effective tips about introducing brushes to your kids:

  • You can wash your baby’s teeth before he starts his teething process. You can clean from the wet cotton cloth over the gums to clear away harmful bacteria.
  • When your baby gets teeth then you can start his brushing process. But keep one thing in mind that take the toothpaste in small quantity just like the size of the grain of rice. This quantity will be continued until 3 years of age.
  • When your baby is of 2-3 years of age then start brushing his teeth properly but carefully. Make him learn how to spit but under your guidance.
  • Keep an eye on the kids below nine years while they were brushing. At this age, children like to swallow toothpaste rather than a brush.

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The basic causes of tooth decay

The very basic and primary cause of tooth decay is the lack of caring for parents. If the parents will not look after their baby’s health then this is not the fault of kids getting the disease. Check out some of the reasons for tooth decay in babies.

  • Some parents put their children to bed with a bottle of formula, milk, juice, soft drinks, sugar water, or sugared drinks and let them sleep without washing their mouth with water This cause tooth decay because of the sugary effects in the mouth develop bacteria which results in tooth decay.
  • If the baby’s mouth is infected by acid-producing bacteria. This can pass to the baby’s mouth through the saliva which indirectly goes into the baby’s mouth from our mouth.
  • Another reason for tooth decay is having the essence of natural sugar added to food in the mouth for a long time. These foods are changed to acid by bacteria in the mouth. This acid then dissolves the outer part of the teeth, causing them to decay.
  • The improper way of brushing teeth also causes the decay of the tooth.

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How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids

There is only one way to prevent tooth Decay is proper care. The parents have to take care that the children drink water every time after they eat anything. Never let them sleep by eating things in the mouth. Even the juice will also decay the bay’s tooth. Brush your baby twice a day. Once in the morning time and another during sleep time at night. Don’t let your kid eat anything from any other’s mouth to avoid the transfer of salvia.

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How to create interest in babies for brushing

Babies don’t like to brush their teeth and thus they try to ignore it. If you will force your kids to do the brush they will deny it. So try to make fun during brushing time o that they love to do the brush.

  • Get friendly with a toothbrush. Children love their friendly things so the very first thing at the time of introducing brush to your kid is to make them comfortable with the toothbrush. Tell them the works of toothbrushes and let them understand that they protect our teeth.
  • Buy the kid’s special toothbrush which cannot harm their gums and teeth while brushing. If they will not get pain then they will have no problems brushing their teeth.
  • Tell your kids to select the brush of their own choice. Their favorite color and characters on the brush will attract them to brush their teeth. This will become a fun activity for their babies to choose the brush.
  • Make fun during brush time. You and your baby start to brush together and tell your kid that let’s see who can finish first or who can properly brush their teeth. Dance during brushing along with your kid and many more creative things you can do while brushing kid’s teeth to maintain the interest of your child in brushing.
  • You can show your kid the short programs related to the benefits of brushing. This will make them know how important is to brush their teeth. You can also read the stories related to tooth decay and brushing teeth to giving them knowledge about the benefits of brushing.

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