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How to keep your skin beautiful year round

Hi dear mommies and daddies,  You not only dress up by wearing pretty stylish clothes but you take care of your skin too. Heat, dust, dirt, sweat, harmful rays and pollution is doing all wring to our skin. And what do we do to take care of that?

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A good and healthy skincare regime is the most important part of our lives. We can survive without buying new clothes for a time but we cannot survive without a good skincare regime. Your beauty bible should include everything to keep it clean and clear and away from all dust and dirt. Monsoons, summers and winters, all have a different impact on our skin. Everybody has a different skin type and texture, thus the product used will obviously differ. So you can expect that what suits me will not/might not suit you.

To weather this heat and sun, you need to follow some beauty steps out of this bible pretty soon.

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Cleanse your skin

Also, it is very necessary to use a good or herbal cleanser before your exfoliate. There are times when you apply makeup. Hence it becomes very essential to remove all makeup before you go to sleep. A good and a mild cleanser of any trusted cosmetic brand would be helpful in clearing away all excess makeup and dirt that gets accumulated.

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The working women should take all the more essential for you to cleanse your face before you go off to bed. It is also essential to remove your entire make up before you sleep. No matter how much tired you are; never ever go to bed with your make up. Simply wipe off your make up with micellar water and wash it with a mild face wash or a mild scrub. This depends on your skin type.  If you are prone to breakouts easily, avoid scrubbing. Use an anti-fungal face wash in that case. Apply a good amount of night cream or a moisturizer to moisturize your face.

The important things to keep in mind while shopping for a good cleanser is to see the ingredients before you buy. It should contain salicylic acid if you have oily skin. Your cleanser should be paraben free.

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Cleanse your skin
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Tweak your skincare regime

Summers, monsoons, and winters; all have different density of moisture level in the air. Air pollution levels that hit your skin too varies in all the seasons. But one thing in common is that we all need to look after and pamper our skin regularly. Humidity and the heat can lead to excess levels of sweat and oil on our face. To battle this, we need to use a good and mild toner that suits us the best. Sweat and oil excretion is to such an extent during summers and monsoons that it literally enlarges our pores and they are horribly visible. To battle this, the best way is to tone and exfoliate your skin every day. You should use mild scrub if you are doing it daily

Thus, toning and exfoliation is the best way to avoid enlarged and open pores. Toning and exfoliation also remove excess dirt and dust from the outer layer of our skin/face. Thus making our skin soft and supple. (Exfoliating your entire body with a mild body scrub at least twice a week also helps to make your skin softer.) A good skincare regime will always keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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After toning, exfoliating and cleansing, the next very essential step is moisturising your skin. Use matte finish sunblock or moisturisers. While buying, look for words like water-based paraben free, anti-fungal, SPF 40 and above.

Your ideal routine should start with cleansing and moisturising and should also end with the same set of steps for good, glowing and healthy skin.

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Lip service

Wash your lips at night, or before you got to bed. Use a mild toner/micellar water to wipe away that lipstick which you applied during the day. Apply rose water or a homemade lip scrub. You can also apply purified almond oil to keep them soft and supple.

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You can also try out some DIY remedies to battle this scorching summer and monsoons to pamper your skin and have a great skin day. Here are some simple home remedies that will keep your skin soft, supple and glowingly healthy.

  1. The coffee mask – in a small bowl, take half spoon of coffee, one spoon honey and a few drops of lemon. Mix it well. Apply this face mask for 15 to 20 minutes every alternate day. This is a very simple face mask for healthy looking and glowing skin. This coffee mask will give you instant glowing results. This recipe is personally tried and my favourite recipe for healthy and glowing skin.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel with Evion Capsules – to avoid early signs of ageing, this mixture works the best. People with all skin types are welcome to try this. Though this mask will not give you any instant results but is definitely the best one for keeping your skin younger looking in the long run. All you need to do is to pierce open the Evion soft gel capsule. Squeeze out the gel from within. Mix it with Aloe Vera gel or any essential/cold pressed facial oil. Apply this every day/night as a serum. This is one of the best treatments to soothe your facial skin.

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Reality checks:

Homemade food or healthy foods for him are healthy for your skin. Make sure that you consume healthy and fresh fruits and vegetable to keep your skin supple and glowing. Consume those fruits that have higher water content. This will retain the water levels in your body. Also, make sure that you drink enough water the entire day. Water not only flushes out the toxins present in your body but also maintains glowing skin and healthy body.

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