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The Enticing Jasmine Green Tea

If you are looking for flavored tea, then jasmine green tea is the right choice for you. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that the green tea is flavored with the scent of jasmine. And jasmine is known for its amazing flavor and fragrance. Jasmine green tea is made by combing the green tea with the fragrance of jasmine. It is believed that jasmine green tea possesses spiritual powers, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Various varieties of jasmine green tea are available in the market.  You can buy here online 

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While preparing jasmine green tea, the process of fermentation does not take place and that is why this tea is very healthy. Without fermentation, the antioxidants in jasmine green tea can be preserved in their purest form. The jasmine green tea has a sweet flavor that matches aptly with the flavor of jasmine. Jasmine green tea was introduced in China in the third century. The free radicals present in the body get demolished with jasmine green tea and help to prevent deadly diseases like cancer. Tooth decay can also be taken care of by having jasmine green tea because it comprises fluoride which has properties to prevent decay of teeth. Many diseases can occur due to food allergies. So diseases like dysentery, etc can be prevented easily by having this tea. These days jasmine green tea is considered a source of alternative medicine. If you have depression then instead of taking pills to calm your condition, you can start having a cup of jasmine green tea to alleviate your mood. Aged people are die-hard fans of this tea because it helps in relieving the pain in the joints. Within a time span of ninety days, people can lose a lot of weight, if they drink this tea.

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It is very important to prepare jasmine green tea in the right manner or else its flavor can get distorted. One cup of this tea can be prepared by adding one spoon of tea leaves with a cup of water and letting it boil for a few minutes. But one should remember that if the tea leaves are boiled for too long then their flavor will be completely lost and the person cannot enjoy his cup of tea. It is suggested to have three cups of jasmine green tea daily to maintain a healthy body. You can have this tea with your meal or snacks as well. You can combine jasmine green tea with desserts too, as the flavor of both this item will be a great experience for your taste buds. Insect bites can be cured by dipping these tea leaves in water and then applying the same to the region of inflammation. This tea is preferable for all age groups. Jasmine green tea can also be found in decaffeinated form. People who do not want any caffeine content in their tea can opt for the decaffeinated version of the tea and get all the benefits.

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