Test Yourself To Know Your Fitness Levels

It is very important that a person should know “how healthy he/she is?” it is necessary because it tells you your physical abilities and capacity. One can get an idea about his/her health if goes through a few small fitness tests. These tests are designed in such a way that you have a proper idea about your health condition.

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Nobody can remain the same, there is a biological clock that ticks and we have to accept it. The only thing we can do is slow down this clock by remaining healthy. However, to be healthy one needs to know in what areas the body needs attention.

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These tests will help you to plan out your diet and exercise plans as well. Here are a few simple tests at the initial level 

  1. Weight: it is very important to take note of your weight on a regular basis. Weigh yourself on a scale and then calculate the body mass index with the help of height and weight charts. If it’s within the limit, you have to care for your general health, but in case it is out of the limit, you will have to work out to bring it down.
  2. Have a regular checkup of your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar level. It provides with proper assessment of health and fitness.
  3. Everyone has a target heart rate, find yours. Target heart rate refers to the heart rate that one needs to retain while exercising. It’s very easy to find it, first take your resting heart rate, for this find the pulse on your wrist and count it for a minute. Now that you have the resting heart rate, calculate 220 minus your current age. This gives you your maximum heart rate. Now to find the target heart rate multiple the maximum heart rates with 60% and 85%, the result is the range within which the target heart rate should be when you are exercising. The best result you can get for resting heart rate is in the morning when you get up from sleep.
  4. You can test your aerobic fitness with just a mile’s walk. For this, you need to track your time along with your heart rate at that time at two different points while you are on a walk. The best would be the middle and end of the walk.
  5. You can check your flexibility by sitting on the floor. For this sit on the floor with legs outstretched in front of you and now try to touch your fingertips to your toes. You can measure this with your yardstick as to how far did you reach.
  6. You can test your muscular fitness by doing repetitive push-ups.

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Apart from these simple and easy-to-do fitness tests, there are a few other fitness test that will let you know your fitness level. Here are a few of them: 

  • Test for Lung size with peak flow meter
  • Test for body fat percentage
  • Test for upper body strength
  • Test for abdominal
  • Test for leg Strength
  • Test for explosive power
  • Test for speed
  • Test for balance

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