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Teenage Sexual Attractions

Teenage is the time when kids start to move towards their puberty. This is the time when their sexuality starts to develop and they feel the emotional and physical attraction. This is very common in teenage life.

Some parents talk frankly to their child about these changes while some feel shy to discuss their puberty. Sometimes when there is a communication gap between parents and children results in the more interest of kids towards physical sex. This is very necessary for the parents to guide their teenager kids about sex so that they don’t have to face any type of sexual assaults.

Today we will let you know about some more concepts of sexuality which will help you in knowing that how to deal and support your teenage child and also recognize the signs which show that they need your help.

Sex attractions

Normally the people get attracted toward the opposite sex but sometimes some people develop feelings for the same sex also. The sexuality feeling does not mean to have an orgasm but someone just needs romance and love between them.

Here is a list of people who get attracted to the gender according to their emotional and physical need.

Heterosexual: The person who is attracted to the opposite gender is known as Heterosexual.

Lesbian: When a girl is attracted to a girl then she is known by the name Lesbian.

Gay: Gays is that boys who are attracted to the boys.

Bisexual: When a person gets attracted to both the genders for romance and sex is known as a bisexual person.

Pansexual: The pansexual is similar to bisexual but this type of people acknowledges gender on a spectrum, rather than a binary.

Asexual: Asexual is the person who is sexually not attracted to anyone.

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How to understand the kid’s sexual behavior

This is very important for the parents to understand the sexual behavior of your teenage children. This is very natural things which every teenager have to face, the difference is that some feel hornier and some just emotional feelings.

  • A parent this is your duty to keep an eye at your child’s every step and don’t let them enter in the age of sex before they mature.
  • Check the friend list and the closeness with them. Having the opposite gender friend is not a bad thing but crossing limits is not good.
  • Check the text message as now its trend to enjoy the phone sex.
  • Keep an eye on the browsing history so that you can know that what they are searching. Be friendly with teenage children so that they can share their feelings with you which will make it easy for you to understand that what is running in their mind.
  • Check the friend list and the closeness with them. Having the opposite gender friend is not a bad thing but crossing limits is not good.
  • Keep in touch with the school teachers so that you can know how your kids are reacting and indulging with whom in the school.
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Tips to talk about sexuality with teenagers

If you feel that your child is indulging more in sexuality then it’s time to talk with him. It is you only, who will guide them about the right and wrong things. The parents are the one who guides their kids in the right direction because the teenage is that age where a child can indulge in bad company too. So, be frank with your child and became his/her best friend to get attached with them so that you can have an idea that what he/she actually thinks about sexuality.

Here are some of the tips which will help you in getting an idea that how to talk with your kids during their teenage:

  • If you are thinking about the right time then there is no perfect time to talk about sexuality. This is very sure that at every age you will feel uncomfortable in starting the talks. So, whenever you think that now it’s a need to talk then start a conversation with your child because it is very important to make them understand about a healthy life.
  • If your child has just entered his teenage then this is the crucial time to make him understand the good and bad touch. Sometimes some known relative or friends can make use of your child and indulge them in sexuality. It is better to alert them and tell them that if something like this happens then talk to parents immediately.
  • After the age of 15, the children normally want the freedom to move out freely with their kids. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend at this age is very normal. School love, attraction, emotional attachment, sexual desire is common at this age. So, talk to them to know about his/her girlfriend/ boyfriend or to the person she is getting attracted to. Try to be friendly so that your child can tell you everything.
  • If you are talking about sexuality with your child then it is very obvious that your child is going to ask you a number of questions, especially girls. So, prepare to answer all sorts of questions.
  • The talks about sexuality can go to an extent that can make both of you uncomfortable. But it’s good to inform them about sex, periods, masturbation, wet dreams, puberty, contraception, and many more.
  • If someday your teenage child asks you about sex or shares his/her feelings about same-sex attraction or feeling like having sex or if girls talk about their changing body part, don’t respond negatively although if they are wrong. Try to make them understand in a way that cannot present you wrong.
  • At the age of 18-19, you can talk about safe sex which means to use protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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