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The Right Way to Take care of your Sick Baby

Babies are delicate and they require special care and nurturing whenever they get sick. Parents must stick around their baby whenever he is sick. They must pamper their kid and help him to get proper bed rest for a few days. Not only this, if the condition of the baby becomes severe then you must reach a child specialist or a childcare doctor. Make sure that you keep your child warm and germ-free with clean clothes and neat surroundings. All the medications suggested by the doctor must be given on time in order to remove the viral infection from the baby’s body.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the essential tips in detail that can help you to take care of your sick baby in the right manner:

1.  Take them to the doctor

Though there may be an illness that does not need the attention of a doctor in order to be tackled or cured, it is always a good and safe thing to take that step.

When your baby has been sick and restless for a few hours or a day, talk to your doctor. Sometimes, there is more to a situation than what meets the eye, and sometimes parents may panic and blow the illness or the condition at hand out of proportion. Either way, it helps to have a professional opinion on matters like these. Once you go to the doctor, you can start giving your baby the medicines prescribed, if any.

2.  Observe what is going on

You have to know what your baby is feeling in order to be able to comfort them. This is why it is an important first step – observation. What is the main symptom of the sickness your baby is being bothered by right now? Are there any sniffles, high temperature, rashes, etc? Once you have a fair idea about what is going on, you can proceed to the next step.

3.  Your care should be specific and consistent

Each type of sickness comes with its own ways of healing and recovery. As parents and caregivers, you should respect that at every step. When you have registered the symptoms and effects etc., and have also gone to the doctor, the case-specific care has already begun because you are giving the baby the treatment as required.

For example, if your baby had diarrhoea, two things need to be your priority with regards to their care – hydration and timely diaper changes. As the baby keeps on peeing throughout the day, they end up losing a lot of water and thus, need to be hydrated in a timely fashion. And if at one time their diaper is already full and heavy for some time, they will feel irritated, start crying, itching even – all of which are only further aggravating the baby.

Take care of your Sick Baby

4.  Soothe your baby

There are many ways in which you can soothe your baby in the midst of sickness. This is important because your baby needs to develop that sense of security that tells them that when they are sick, they will be attended to with warmth and care. Gently put your baby in your arms and sing the poems and make them feel happy and safe around you.

You can try to soothe your baby by hugging and caressing them. Carry them around the house and sing or talk to them. It not only distracts the baby from the uncomfortable feelings that come with sickness, but they will also get called, intrigued or even amused. You can read rhymes and kids’ stories to them too.

5.  Food and nutrition

If your baby is below six months of age, they need to consume nothing else other than breast milk or formula. But after that milestone has been crossed and you have started feeding your baby solids or semi-solids here and there, you have some wriggle space to include foods that better suit what your baby is going through right now.

So if it is a persistent cold, you can add ginger to their daily meals. You can add it to their oatmeal etc. or you can look up some easy recipes that have ginger in them, as it does a really good job at soothing your baby’s sore throat and nerves. Make sure that what you are feeding them right now is easy to chew, swallow, and digest for the baby. Foods with a soft and mushy texture are usually preferred during a sickness.

6.  Rest, rest, and more rest!

Babies, with or without a sickness, already need a lot of sleep in a day. And when their immunity has suffered a blow and they have had diarrhoea or sneezes all day, these hours of rest become even more important.

Sleep is when their tiny bodies are able to dedicate themselves fully to healing and getting better. So spread out their blankets, make their cribs comfy than ever and let the sweet dreams begin! Remember that for a restful sleep for a baby, it helps when there is little to no sound in their surroundings. So, keep the TV on mute and your phone in the other room. Keep all those rattle toys safe and away, too. Sudden disturbances are more than enough to wake your baby up just as they were about to fall asleep.

Temperature is also an important factor – make sure that your baby is dressed correctly for the weather. Keep in mind that babies usually feel comfortable when they are wearing one layer more than what adults are wearing. Adjust the fans, AC, windows, cooler or heaters as needed to make the baby feel comfortable and snug as the head off to sleep.

Some Final Words

This article offers all the special tips and guidance that can help the parents to look after their sick child in a rightful manner. Children are the heart and soul of their parents. Thus, their health and safety are very important for the well being of the whole family.

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