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12 Things You Can Do During Lockdown -COVID-19


So you are in lockdown, hope you are safe and having good and enough time. Surely you will be just busy with your mobile, Facebook, tick-tok, Whatsapp and Instagram. The whole day you’ll be spending only watching TV and using your timepass mobile. Surely you get bored now, let’s make …

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Kids And Yoga: Top 8 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids


Yoga has emerged from India and is emerging as the most performed activity around the world which keeps you healthy and fresh. Yoga is found beneficial for human beings of all the ages. But many studies and surveys have shown that it is more beneficial for younger kids and toddlers. …

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Meditation To Enhance Body, Mind and Stress Management


After trying several things for stress management, people are coming back to the old ways. They are giving preference to yoga to deal with stress in their daily life. Yoga can be performed anytime and anywhere, therefore can be a quick stress reliever and help you restore calmness. If you …

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10 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 AM

Before 8 AM parents talks

This is one of an old saying that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise” and there should be no if and but in accepting this good habit in life. Morning timing should be utilized properly to make the whole day healthy. According …

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CHRISTINA FJAERE – A Gorgeous IFBB Fitness Pro


The most stunning and beautiful, Christina Fjaere is a certified personal trainer as well as Norwegian IFBB fitness Pro. In her youth, she had love for soccer and snowboarding. Though initially it was difficult for her to get through the competitive ranks in fitness contest but later she started working …

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Gorgeous Fitness Anna Nystrom Become Instagram Stunning Beauty


Gorgeous beautiful Anna Nystrom is an internet sensation fitness model from city Stockholm, Sweden. When she began uploading pictures of her splendid figure on social media, Anna has grown into an online fitness celebrity. Everyone loves to see her fitness physic and get inspired more and more. Short Biography:  Instagram Id …

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Exercise to avoid during pregnancy

Yoga Fitness Girl

Hello all preggies, as soon as you get pregnant people to start to advise you for various things. Exercise is also one advice, and normally all the ladies follow the rules of exercise very sincerely to stay fit and healthy. But have you ever thought that this listened advice of …

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Surya Namaskar for family fitness


For centuries, the Surya Namaskar or sun salutation is practiced in India and now this has also become very popular in foreign countries. The Surya Namaskar is the complete workout consisting of 12 yoga asana which helps to keep the body physically fit. It is very necessary for the whole …

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Yoga asana to rock the pregnancy

Yoga asana parents talks 2

Yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial for mother and baby both. It helps in improving the breathing process which is very necessary to the whole pregnancy period. Yoga not only makes the women physically strong but it also has advantages for their mental relief. Pregnancy is a wonderful time with …

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