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Are high heels safe for pregnant women?

heels during pregnancy

Wearing high heels during pregnancy is considered as a dangerous trigger to the unborn child. It will hamper the health and physique of the mother and will make her feel tired and fatigue. Although women love to own high heels as it will beautify her personality and make her look …

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Office romance: Does it display good or bad character

Office Romance

Romance is an incredible feeling that brings out all the love and sexual desires for your partner in the form of beautiful gestures. But, if you are performing romance in a professional work environment then it might hamper your image in front of your colleagues. Work-life balance is a must …

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Role of a Mother in a Child’s Life


Mothers, without a doubt, play an important role in their children’s lives. Their care, affection, time, and insight help in keeping children grounded and provide them with a sense of stability wherever they go in life. But before we jump into the specifics of how exactly is it that mothers …

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Maternity Leave and pay


Maternity leave and pay are the rights of every pregnant woman who are working in the corporate house. However, there is some official work which should be completed according to the policy of the company and then only you will be eligible to enjoy the advantages of maternity pay and …

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Maternity rights and Benefits 


Maternity rights are those rights which are given to the pregnant women and the new mothers from their workplaces which include the Maternity benefits like fully paid while you are on maternity leave, taking care for her child in the workplace and many more. In August 2016, an amendment to …

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Are you pregnant: Symptoms that prove you are pregnant?


Pregnancy is considered as the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. She is crowned to be the mother of a new-born and has to take up the responsibility of nurturing and growing a baby. A mother to have to undergo from a number of biological and mental changes like …

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Work-Life balance for Working Women


Working mommies!! Are you the one who is getting trapped between work and life? We know that it is very difficult to manage your personal life along with your profession. The back to back meetings, emails and lots of targets makes your life to miss the family time, kid’s activities, romantic …

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Girls changing habit during teenage

Teenage habit changing

Hello to all parents, today our blog is for the parents of teenage girls. As the girls enter the teenage they start to adopt some of the habits which they had with them for the lifetime. However, some of the habits are good but some of them are bad too. …

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Tips to induce the period naturally

beautiful magazine parents talks

Hello all mommies, today we will talk about our menstrual cycle. We often listen to the sentence from many ladies that ” How can I get my periods early‘? This sounds very weird that someone wants their periods early but in actual it happens because some women want to be …

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