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Who All are Susceptible to Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer woman

Breast cancer is the second highest cause of cancer deaths among women. There are several factors, according to various studies conducted, which determine who is most susceptible to breast cancer. Here are some indicators as to who would be more likely to be at a risk for the problem. Women who have …

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

When the cells in the breast tissues start growing abnormally and into huge numbers then there is the possibility of breast cancer. Breast cancer can also stem from abnormal growth in the ducts and lobules. Symptoms, indications, and treatment will vary for different types of cancer. If diagnosed and treated effectively …

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Precautions For Allergies


In dealing with allergies properly, you should have certain precautions in mind so that you can be protected against adverse allergic reactions. Unfortunately, once you are allergic to certain types of food or other substances in the environment, you can never get rid of the allergies. All you can do is avoid …

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Liquid Diets


Liquid diets are quite popular, especially among celebrities as they claim rapid weight loss and more often than not, prove to be right. However, the question on everyone’s minds when they embark upon these diets is- are these diets healthy and once you lose the extra weight, do you keep …

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Diet Plans To Build Muscle


There are special diet plans for muscle building. To build muscle the daily calorific input should be between 3000-5000 calories. The thumb rule is that gain of muscle mass should be 80 percent through diet and 20 percent through exercise.  The diet also should be healthy but should be less …

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Best Diet Plan For Me


The best weight loss programs are those which include one’s personal choices as well as one’s needs into the diet plan. The diet specialist or nutritionist who is supervising your diet plan must not only be highly educative but must also have adequate experience in this field. Before determining the …

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Plasticizers Pesticides May Reduce Fertility

Kind obstetrician examining pregnant belly in the clinic

According to a recent study on fertility, it has been proved that plasticizer pesticides may reduce fertility. Women who are exposed to plasticizers at their workplace are more likely to experience fertility problems as compared to women who do not have to endure such conditions at their workplace. Even lower …

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Your Body Your Posture Your Health


Your body, your posture, your health are all interconnected and interrelated. If you sit with a distorted posture, it has been researched that in that condition your brain works at an efficiency that is 10 % less than the efficiency it would have worked on if you had been sitting in a …

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Brain Fitness Exercises

Girl Fitness Exercise Zym

Experts have over time realized how important the health of our brain is to our overall quality of life and for our well-being. Brain fitness helps a person get on with everyday demands. The brain is the bottom line to a happy and healthy life and therefore of great significance …

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How To Attain Good Body posture


As we all know, people these days are very busy with their work. Most of them cannot find time even for their families, so it is least expected from them that they will find time for themselves. However, due to the rising complaints regarding backache, body ache, and shoulder ache, …

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