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Pregnancy Week 40

GettyImages Pregnant Lady Parents Talks

Officially, in pregnancy, the 40th week is included in the last trimester that is the third trimester, as it is the final stage of pregnancy. The improvement that can be observed in the 40th week is all because of the previous precautions that are being taken by the pregnant woman. …

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Pregnancy Week 39

Sex During Pregnancy

Every married woman wishes to become a mother in life. But she has to undergo a lot of pain. Sometimes the child or the mother dies. But modern-day technologies have made childbirth quite simpler. Some prefer cesarean operation while some prefer normal delivery. But the pain is totally neutralized when …

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Pregnancy Week 37

pregnancy couple

It is quite an enjoyable moment for the mother when she is pregnant. But it has to be kept in mind that special care has to be taken of the mother. She should take complete rest and strictly avoid heavy work. Every parent wants their child to be born healthy. …

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Pregnancy Week 38


Pregnancy as we all know is the fertilization and development of an embryo inside the mother’s womb. The fusion of the male and the female gamete during sexual intercourse results in pregnancy. Pregnancy is subdivided into three vital stages- first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester. Each and every phase …

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Pregnancy Week 6


It is sure that a pregnant woman has to undergo various stages and problems during their pregnancy period. Most of the women will have a thousand queries and issues. For them, this article will be a perfect guide and can provide you many advice and tips to keep yourself happy. …

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Pregnancy Week 5

Itching During Pregnancy

Having a child is perhaps the most delightful thing that can occur to a woman. She takes it as a miracle even though it is ordinary for others. Mother to be 1) Bodily Changes She Experiences Pregnancy experience can be dissimilar for different females and different with individual pregnancy itself. Generally, …

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Pregnancy Week 4

Four Week Pregnancy

The development of the offspring of a single cell stage to the fully developed child within the womb of the mother is known as PREGNANCY. This is one of the spectacular moments in the life of a couple as it brings joys of welcoming a new member to the family …

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Pregnancy Week 3

three weeks pregnancy

The third week is among the first trimester of pregnancy as stated technically which is among the first developmental stages of the human zygote after successful fertilization. This phase is characterized by a series of physiological changes within the mother and both physiological and morphological changes within the baby. 3 …

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Weight Gain During Twin Pregnancy


Whilst pregnant, a woman’s body undergoes multiple changes, not the least being weight gain .the expectant mother’s body not only provides a secure environment for the fetus to grow to the stage where it is able to breathe on its own but also provides all the nutrients necessary to for …

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Online Pregnancy Test


An online Pregnancy test is the newest service offered by websites and web portals and since the launch of this service by several providers, people have been flocking to the sites to use this free online service and in most cases, they are confidential ensuring privacy, hassle-free and less time-consuming.  …

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