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How to Encourage a Toddler to Write

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Make writing practice “fun” for your toddlers.  Put workbooks aside and until and unless your toddler is really interested in them. You can easily inculcate writing habits to your young and toddlers. As you put the effort in them, they literally improve and make a mark in the writing world.  …

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Average Height and Weight of 6 months old babies

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The height and weight of your child will change and vary from time to time. And the normal weight and height of the child can be determined the number of factors. The baby weight may vary for both boys and girls. Hence, there are a number of ways by which the parents …

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Average Weight and Height of babies

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The babies enter the world with different height and weight and they grow at their own pace.  All the babies have their unique personality right from their birth. The different height and weight of the baby depend on their growth and this can be easily understood by the babies growth …

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Baby massage is good for constipation and gas

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Constipation and gas in babies are very common and even they also feel very irritating during this time. Often babies have to go through from the unusual bowel movement but and they can’t say their problems in words. But you know the babies know all the ways to express their …

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Advantages & Disadvantages of sending your child to preschool

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As a concerned parent, are you willing to send your child to preschool? Then, before joining kindergarten, it will be a great decision for both the parents and toddlers as well. The child preschool often has a special curriculum set, so that it favours the kid to a great extent. Their approach to education also …

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Top 7 Simple and Delicious Cereal Recipes for Your Baby

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A baby of around four to six months starts eating solids and baby can even begin early like in only four months. What should be a mother’s first preference for baby food? Unawareness about the cereal recipes for your baby, which takes you to store to bring jars of baby food or baby cereal. Although …

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Top 8 Unique and amazing baby shower games


Everybody cherishes a bouncing child, yet not every person adores run of the infant shower games. We absolutely don’t! So, if you are searching for the game that is decidedly fun and fresh, we’ve assembled some truly unstuffy options for you to choose. These baby shower games thoughts are ensured to have …

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Top 8 Ways to Comfort a Crying Baby and Make It Calm

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At the point when your infant cries, she or he is telling you something isn’t right and they need your assistance. In any case, when it’s after 12 pm and you’ve been awake for hours with a crying baby, it doesn’t make a difference what the reason is. You simply need …

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Scabies in Toddlers- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment you should be aware


After giving birth, toddler’s health becomes the top priority and protecting your precious child from infections, if he/ she gets any. Kids may get in contact with all kinds of infections in preschools. Contagious infections are always difficult to fight with. One such common disease among kids is scabies. Scabies in toddlers is very …

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