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A Step-by-step Guide to Calm a Crying Baby

A Step-by-step Guide to Calm a Crying Baby

Taking care of a crying baby is actually very tough. You cannot handle the babies if you are not aware of their mood and behavior. Crying is the most common way through which children express their tenderness and pain. Thus, it is very important for the parents to have a …

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How to get your baby to get a sound sleep

Akarsh Mandial Baby

Sound sleep is very essential for a newborn baby. It will help him to take rest and relax their mind. Parents can also get some relief from daily tiredness and can finally get some sleep only if their baby is not causing any trouble to them. Even the doctors suggest …

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The Right Way to Take care of your Sick Baby

fatherhood parents Talks

Babies are delicate and they require special care and nurturing whenever they get sick. Parents must stick around their baby whenever he is sick. They must pamper their kid and help him to get proper bed rest for a few days. Not only this, if the condition of the baby …

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A complete guide to your baby’s teething process


Teething is regarded as the most irritating phase of a baby’s life. The baby has to go through sweat, frustration, mood swings and a lot more. It is quite a busy period for the parents too as they have to prepare medications and other home remedies to give relief to …

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Everything to know about six-week baby and mother checkup

Baby and Mother checkup

Pregnancy is considered as the most crucial period for both the baby and the mother. A newborn infant is being developed inside the womb of its mother which brings several changes in the structure and functioning of the mother’s physical body. Not only this, the baby grows with two months …

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How to treat the nappy rash with care


Babies are the most delicate creatures with tiny toes and arms and sensitive body organs. They are more prone to minor diseases because of their immature respond to their surroundings. There are high chances that they might get rashes and infections due to improper diet or untidy baby care. The …

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How to swaddle a baby in the right way

Swaddled infant

Babies are not just born to bring happiness and joy but they also come up with a great sense of responsibility and care. They need to be pampered and nurtured with good values and healthy eating habits. Infants health is very important as it forms the building blocks of the …

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Building Resilience And Self-Discipline In Children

Ananya Mandial

Resilience is one of the important components that let you achieve personal and professional goals. Parents can follow a few strategies and help their children develop resilience and self-discipline. Resilience is the ability to stay tough and recover from adversity without giving up hope and confidence. Children deal with different …

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A Complete Guide To Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

breastfeeding parents talks

Feeding is regarded as the process by which a baby is provided with all the essential minerals and nutrients for the growth and development of the body. There are mainly two processes of feeding a baby which are breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is done for around six months to …

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The choking problem in babies


Are you worried about the frequent choking problem in your baby? Do you want the solution or effective remedies for choking? If yes then read the full article to know how to prevent the choking hazards in babies. The choking problem in babies is very common and it occurs when …

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