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Side Effects Of Teenagers Sleeping Late

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Teenage children do have the habit of rising late. Does your son/daughter have that habit too? Sometimes teens have problems retiring early and rising on time for school. There are umpteen reasons for this. The most significant of them is that, in adolescence, there are a lot of changes taking place in their physiological …

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How to handle a teenage breakup

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Teenage Breakup might be hard to handle as the teens experience a new set of emotions which makes them feel sad, lonely and unaccepted. They might feel worthless without the belongingness of their companion. For them, their world comes to an end which induces teens to get involved in drinking …

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Common Menstrual problems faced by women

Common Menstrual problems faced by women

When we say menstrual cycle, many girls will start counting the gap between their next cycle. Hey! Do not worry, you have time! Do you? Cooldown! Many girls while speaking about this topic, their unease attitude is exposed. The menstrual cycle is not a disease… Mood Swings Generally, the menstrual …

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How To Help Teenagers Help With Bullying


Bullying is one of the most common menace teens go through. It affects their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. Children who are bullied lead traumatic lives and live with subconscious fear. If either your child is bullied or is bullying others, you need to take care of these issues before …

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Teenagers and Low Blood Pressure

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Low Blood pressure is a very common problem which is seen mostly in all human beings. However, this is common but it is also dangerous because if it is not prevented within time. Teenagers are very energetic and active and thus sometimes they overdo the physical activities which may result …

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Girls changing habit during teenage

Teenage habit changing

Hello to all parents, today our blog is for the parents of teenage girls. As the girls enter the teenage they start to adopt some of the habits which they had with them for the lifetime. However, some of the habits are good but some of them are bad too. …

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Tips to induce the period naturally

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Hello all mommies, today we will talk about our menstrual cycle. We often listen to the sentence from many ladies that ” How can I get my periods early‘? This sounds very weird that someone wants their periods early but in actual it happens because some women want to be …

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Teenage Sexual Attractions

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Teenage is the time when kids start to move towards their puberty. This is the time when their sexuality starts to develop and they feel the emotional and physical attraction. This is very common in teenage life. Some parents talk frankly to their child about these changes while some feel …

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Irregular Periods for Teens

Irregular Period

Periods, otherwise called the menstrual cycle, is an ordinary procedure that occurs in a female body where the body drains each month for 3-7 days. Consistently, the body sets itself up for pregnancy and when no pregnancy happens, the uterus begins shedding its fixing alongside tissues and blood. What’s more, …

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