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Best And Worst Foods For Your Skin In Summers


It is summer and a wonderful time of the year when fresh produce bursts. A lot of these fruits and vegetable brim with undisclosed health gains. Some of the fruits which are good for your skin during summer are as follows Best Foods During Summers for Your Skin Almonds for …

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Benefits Of Aloe Vera Products


A large number of skin lotions and body creams hold aloe Vera extracts. This allows the skin to retain its original moisture and keeps it hydrated. The viscous base removes dirt and bacteria that clog the pores on your skin. If one is not able to purchase these body lotions, …

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Summer Workouts Talks


With the inset of the summer season, outdoor exercise regimes lose their shine due to the soaring temperatures and therefore summer workouts need to be planned carefully so that you do not run out of steam. Water exercises are quite popular when it comes to summer workouts as it is …

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Itching During Pregnancy

Itching During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a woman’s dearest wish. Being able to create a new life from within her is like a miracle and it gives inexplicable happiness to the lady. The main period of the pregnancy is of about 8-9 months and this major time period is accompanied by many changes …

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Dry Skin During Pregnancy


Being pregnant for a lady requires a lot of patience. The period of the complete 9 months of pregnancy often brings a huge number of troubles along with itself. The most common and usual type of trouble is the problem of dry skin and this dry skin also causes itching …

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Summer Skin And Beauty Dos And Donts


Summer is a dangerous time for our skin, particularly facial skin. Heat, wind, dust, and excessive exposure to the direct sun are the destroyers of the delicate cells and pores. As the temperature rises, the reaction of your skin and make-up will be much different than in other times of the …

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Summer outing tips with babies

Summer outing tips

Are you a mother and also travel lover? But how to manage both the things with this burning sun or you will sit at home and wait for the rain to come. Do you have any idea or any planning but getting confused that how to manage with the weather. …

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How to keep yourself healthy in summers

summer care

Warmer days, lazier days and scorching sun! This is what happens the entire day in summers. Summers arrive with humid days and hot nights. All you want is a glass full of chilled water – to drink and to sprinkle it on your face too. In this summers you need …

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Is your baby also not eating properly in summers!

baby eating parents talks

Hello smart mommies and daddies, Welcome back to parentstalks.com, so, the summers and heat are at its peak, and I am getting a new experience this summer with my baby that he is losing his appetite due to so high temperature. Am I the only mother who is experiencing it …

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Summer fruits to delight your baby

Fruits basket parents talks

Summer season is at its peak with the hotness of sunlight. In summers not only we but our kids also don’t want to eat the oily and spicy foods. It is people thought that water is best to keep the body hydrated during summer time. But it is not possible …

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