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Pregnancy Week 40

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Officially, in pregnancy, the 40th week is included in the last trimester that is the third trimester, as it is the final stage of pregnancy. The improvement that can be observed in the 40th week is all because of the previous precautions that are being taken by the pregnant woman. …

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Pregnancy Week 5

Itching During Pregnancy

Having a child is perhaps the most delightful thing that can occur to a woman. She takes it as a miracle even though it is ordinary for others. Mother to be 1) Bodily Changes She Experiences Pregnancy experience can be dissimilar for different females and different with individual pregnancy itself. Generally, …

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Pregnancy Week 2

Pregnancy Test and Scan

The most prominent symptom of pregnancy is a missed period, although everybody might not experience the same sets of symptoms. One should be well acquainted with the symptoms of pregnancy because then you can detect your pregnancy on time and sometimes, these symptoms might suggest the presence of conditions other …

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Are Missed Period A Sign Of Pregnancy


Are missed periods a sign of pregnancy? such a question may be lingering in the minds of almost all women at least once in their lifetime. The chances of pregnancy being a sign of missed periods are very high as compared to other reasons. That does not mean whenever a …

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Online Pregnancy Test


An online Pregnancy test is the newest service offered by websites and web portals and since the launch of this service by several providers, people have been flocking to the sites to use this free online service and in most cases, they are confidential ensuring privacy, hassle-free and less time-consuming.  …

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Eight Month Of Pregnancy


The size of the baby during the eighth week of pregnancy is approximately around fourteen to twenty millimeters. A lot of growth takes place in the baby during this time. Initially, the baby has a small tail, but with the onset of the eighth week, the tail will disappear. Eyelids …

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Twin Pregnancy Risks


The human body is made to conceive, nurture and deliver a single fetus. Under circumstances that scientists are yet to correctly diagnose and accurately predict, the human body conceives and births more than one baby. Multiple pregnancies are rare, in fact, twin pregnancies occur in 1 out of 80 births.  …

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First Four Weeks Of Pregnancy

Four Week Pregnancy

During the first two weeks of pregnancy, most of the women are not even aware that they have conceived. At this phase, very few women experience the symptoms of pregnancy. These two weeks are primarily dedicated to ovulation and then fertilization. At this time the body produces an immense amount …

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Know Your Pregnancy Rights and Make their Use


When a woman gets pregnant, it is the best and happiest feeling for her. But they are very afraid to share this happy news with their coworkers and other employees, why so? While we all know that pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, such discrimination that exists in different working environments …

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How To Conceive Quickly

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Having regular sexual intercourse and still not getting pregnant is a common issue. Many things matter in sexual intercourse and conceiving such as the lifestyle of both the partners. Most importantly you should make sure that you are having sex with your partner in a proper and regular cycle. Carrying …

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