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Symptoms Of Stress On Heart


Stress, no doubt, has a negative effect on our overall health but the most common organ to be affected by stress is our heart. Both emotional, as well as physical stress, have a deleterious effect on the health of the heart. Types of Stress Stress can be acute or chronic. …

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How To Manage Stress

Mental Health Benefits stress management

The stress of different kinds has been taking a toll on each one of us especially in people who are leading a life in cities. Work pressure, layoffs, family tensions, divorce, financial crisis, recession there are plenty of things that increase the anxiety in everyone’s life. And most of the …

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Ideal Sleeping Position


Sleep restores you mentally and physically. To sleep in the right posture is important to derive the maximum benefit from rest. There are different postures in which a person sleeps.  Sleeping on your side Sleeping on your side may put some strain on your spinal cord. But there are ways to …

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Sleeping Positions For Better Digestion


Are you suffering from indigestion problems? Have you tried every doctor and medicine but in vain? Do you have a problem with acid reflux while sleeping? If yes, then it is the right time to ponder upon your sleeping posture as this may be the causative factor behind all the …

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Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation is an upcoming trend that benefits partners who are about to separate. The procedure helps them thrash out issues in the presence of a neutral mediator. Divorce mediation can be In different forms and styles Always confidential Unbiased and impartial Divorce mediation can take place in front of …

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Meditation To Enhance Body, Mind and Stress Management


After trying several things for stress management, people are coming back to the old ways. They are giving preference to yoga to deal with stress in their daily life. Yoga can be performed anytime and anywhere, therefore can be a quick stress reliever and help you restore calmness. If you …

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