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How To Handle Separation Anxiety


Living in this world requires much hard decision-making and facing tough times. All these things cannot be handles alone and everyone needs company simply to live. And, when you are left lonely, you undergo separation anxiety. The hardest type of separation is the separation of young kids from their parents. …

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What Is Thallium Stress Test


A lot of people face stuttering problems in their early childhood, the difference lies when some of them overcome the problem while with others the problem is glued till the rest of their life. Therefore, it is on the list of the frequently asked questions among parents- is there any …

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Are You Unemployed And Stressed Out


People who are unemployed and stressed out should find out ways through which they can get out of the situation and lead a peaceful life. The best way to tackle stress is to determine the reason which is inducing stress in your life. There can be many reasons like you …

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What Causes Stress


All of us at certain phases of our lives have experienced stress. Once the symptoms of stress are determined by the affected person then he can easily find out ways through which stress can be erased from his life. There are many reasons because of which we experience stress. And …

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Symptoms Of Stress On Heart


Stress, no doubt, has a negative effect on our overall health but the most common organ to be affected by stress is our heart. Both emotional, as well as physical stress, have a deleterious effect on the health of the heart. Types of Stress Stress can be acute or chronic. …

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5 Reasons Why You Cannot Concentrate

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It is estimated that the human mind is can process 60000 thoughts daily viz. one thought per 1.2 seconds. The brain is a muscle like any other and it is capable of just shutting off. All of us have gone through baffling episodes when we are unable to find keys, …

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Symptoms of Depression


Depression has both physical and mental symptoms because of which a person is unable to perform his/her daily functions normally. In fact, depression disrupts the quality of life and unless attended to, may lead a person towards hopelessness, despair, and chronic health abnormalities It is quite disheartening to know that, according …

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Depression Medication

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Depression medication is collectively termed as antidepressants. Antidepressants basically maintain a healthy balance of chemicals in the brain. They retard the erosion of certain chemicals (which help maintain mental health) in the brain. The medication has been found especially effective for older people with severe depression symptoms. While most antidepressants can help treat …

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Treatments for Depression


Clinical depression is today, one of the prominent medical conditions in the world. Work stress, dysfunctional families, competition, conflict, are some of the many factors leading to the rise in clinical depression in our society. This has also given a rise to the number of treatments for depression. Clinical depression …

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Clinical Depression Treatment

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Clinical depression is a condition when depression is not a normal and logical reaction to events of life.  When the depression symptoms meet the DSM IV criteria, then it is diagnosed as clinical depression. What is DSM? DSM is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the …

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