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Diet For Extreme Weight loss


Every medical practitioner worth his salt always stresses the need to lose weight in a gradual, phased manner. It is common knowledge that losing weight drastically or instantly is a sign of impending severe health problems. With crash diets, the body is deprived of the calories it would get from …

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Simple Tips To Lose Weight Or Burn Calories

Kelsey Wells-workout-home-exercise

How many times have you started a new diet but given up hope completely after a couple of days’ weeks? How did you feel then? Probably frustrated, angry with yourself, a failure? These negative feelings maybe even lead you to further overeating, causing you to gorge on or eat comfort food …

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How to lose post delivery weight

After Pregnancy

Hello to all new mommies and to-be moms. Today’s blog is special for our female readers. As we all know that pregnancy is a very beautiful experience and we ladies enjoy every moment of being a mom. But a slight thing always strikes our mind for the whole 9 months …

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