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DASH Diet Plan

High Fibre Diet Plan Food Vegetables Meal

The Dash diet plan is recommended by doctors the world over for people who are either hypertensive or pre-hypertensive. This is a diet plan that has been known to lower the blood pressure of people who have used it and continued with it even after their blood pressure reading was …

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Psoriasis Diet

Culinary school - Rachael Ray Diet Plan

Around seven million Americans suffer from psoriasis and this skin condition can cause a lot of embarrassment besides the pain and discomfort. The development of psoriasis can be due to genetics, stress, diet, and smoking. According to much research, it has been found that there is a very strong connection …

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The HCG Diet Plan

ketogenic diet parenstalks

The HCG diet was first envisioned by ATW Simeons a British endocrinologist, the report of which was published in 1954. This diet proposes a plan that helps lose half to one pound a day and the maintenance of weight.   What is HCG Diet Plan HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, …

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Crash And Quick Results Diet Plan


There are several types of diet plans that are in vogue. You can choose whichever you want but what is important here is that you have to stick to the plan and not back out mid-way. Whatever is the diet plan that you adopt, you should be sure that you …

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The Benefits Of Raw Food Diet


Someone who is following a raw food diet is off all kinds of processed and cooked foods. The raw food diet is based completely on fruits and vegetables and other things such as sprouts, nuts, grains, beans, and dried fruits. We all know that cooking food, especially over 116 degrees …

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Diet Food Calorie Planner

Diet Food Calorie Planner Girl

For losing weight, the food intake must not exceed the body’s requirement for energy. Eating more than what the body actually needs, results in the storage of the extra calories in the form of fats, or in the muscle.   What are calories?  One calorie is equal to the energy you need …

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Apple Patch Diet


The Apple Patch diet includes attaching a transdermal patch to one’s skin. It can be thought to be similar in appearance to a nicotine patch. The Apple Patch diet transfers herbal weight reduction supplements to the body. This patch leads to differences in body weight in three days. The herbal …

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The Acai Berry Diet


The Acai Berry is a fruit that grows on a palm tree that is found in the Amazon. It has been used in Brazil for over 10 decades and is thought to be part of a number of traditions. The Acai Berry diet became highly popular after a particular segment …

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Diet Followed By Celebrities


Most of us are obsessed with celebrities and especially with the diets that are followed by them. Diet followed by celebrities is mostly vegetarian. A vegetarian diet is preferred by celebrities because most weight loss routines recommend the consumption of fresh vegetables. Since there are many diet plans available it …

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Diet Plan For Flat Abs


One of the first steps which are necessary to achieve flat abs is a specific diet plan for the same. A diet plan for flat abs has been quite popular as there are many people who aspire to have flat abs. The basic rule of any diet plan for flat …

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