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Diet Plan For Children

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A child’s diet should be well balanced and provide all the energy needs required for a growing child. Muscular and brain development is maximum in children up to 12 years of age and the diet should be protein-rich to provide for cellular development. Children by nature are fussy eaters and …

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Diet Plan For Elderly


With increasing age, the energy requirements of the body decrease. Physical activity reduces, a sedentary lifestyle sets in, and old age is often compounded by diseases like cardiac complications, hypertension, and diabetes. The gastrointestinal tract also ages and certain foods tend to be very difficult to digest.  Tastes in food …

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How Do French Remain Slim

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How do French remain slim despite their heavy diet has always evoked a lot of curiosity amongst people. According to statistical reports, only eleven percent of the French population suffers from obesity. It has also been observed that the French tend to live longer compared to their British and American …

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Planning Diet For Men


Diet plans for men vary as each is seeking something different from the diet. It is common knowledge that men burn more calories compared to women considering that the average weight and height of men are more than that of women. Another common cause is that all men are involved …

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Seven Top Secrets Of A Good Diet Plan


Each one of us is worried about our health problems; therefore it is time now that you should stop being lazy and stand for yourself. To understand this more clearly we will deal with the seven secrets of a good diet. Before we start discussing the seven secrets of a …

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Diet Plan For Girls


Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice- so goes the adage. An excess of sugar and spice leads to health problems. In today’s world where girls compete with boys on each level, it pays to be diet and health-conscious. Weight plays a major role in every girl’s …

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Benefits Of Eating Less Meat


Eschewing meat consumption is all the rage nowadays. Consumption of meat seems to be an expensive and inefficient way of getting the calories that we would otherwise get directly from plants. Allowing the nutrients to be processed by the animal and then consumed entails a lot of wastage in terms …

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The Maker Diet

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The Maker’s Diet is also called the Maker Diet. This diet plan encourages dieters to embark upon a diet plan that addresses those habits that lead to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Though the Maker diet does not place special emphasis on weight loss, it improves the well-being and …

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Tips To Give Up Food Cravings On Diet

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Food craving usually occurs in people who are trying to lose weight. So let me tell you Tips for giving in to food cravings while on a diet plan. Before moving to actual Tips to give in to food cravings while on a diet plan let me first give you a …

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Dukan Diet Plan


The Dukan diet plan has reached a new level of popularity with Carole Middleton’s admission that she has been following this diet. With this piece of news, there was a rumor that even Kate Middleton has been following this diet and its great results were seen by the world on …

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