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How To Weight Yourself Accurately


Weight loss is an integral part of many lives and the best way to monitor weight loss is to check your weight on a regular basis. If you know how to weigh yourself accurately, then you will be better focused on the entire process and at the same time, you …

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Gorgeous Fitness Model – Annie Parker


Annie Parker is an American IFBB Bikini Pro, nutritionist, fitness model, and TV host. She started competing in 2013, and right off the bat, impressed by taking 1st place in the NPC Gov. Cup. Annie Parker’s success only grew from there as she went on to earn her Pro Card …

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Cindy Prado American Fitness Influencer


Cindy Prado is an American born and raised in a model and social media personality. She is popular for her Instagram photos and videos and for being the face of brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, Celsius energy drinks, and many more.   View this post on Instagram   …

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Your Body Your Posture Your Health


Your body, your posture, your health are all interconnected and interrelated. If you sit with a distorted posture, it has been researched that in that condition your brain works at an efficiency that is 10 % less than the efficiency it would have worked on if you had been sitting in a …

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Do You Like Public Display Of Affection

lesbian girls kisses

PDA or public display of affection is among some of the most debatable topics between the old generation and the present generation. It will be wrong to completely reject this idea or absolutely ban it, but there is definitely a limit that has to be set in order to avoid …

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How To Make People Like You


In today’s world of refined social etiquette, how to make people like you is a question faced by many. Human social interaction is about giving, not taking, and surely not showing off. To learn how to make people like you, you need to appreciate certain home truths. How to Make …

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Business Body Language


Business body language-handshake, eye contact, posture has a great impact on the success of a person’s professional and social life. A positive body language imparts a feeling of trust, civilization, and sophistication. It also shows how much a person is in control of herself. It is a simple tool that can …

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How To Attain Good Body posture


As we all know, people these days are very busy with their work. Most of them cannot find time even for their families, so it is least expected from them that they will find time for themselves. However, due to the rising complaints regarding backache, body ache, and shoulder ache, …

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