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Top 10 Ninja Techniques to Incorporate Positive Parenting


Positive parenting is all about going for a different approach towards parenting your kids that is solely based on mutual respect for each other. While the conventional methods followed by Indian parents would be more of them ordering their kids, the new techniques would involve a deeper understanding about the …

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Signs of Labor: Early Signs & Symptoms of Labor


Hello all preggies, Now it’s time to deliver your baby but did you know that how to get the symptoms of having labor? Do you know the difference between labor and pre-labor? This is very sensitive as well as a critical time for you so it is very important to …

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10 Best Ways to Promote Positive Parenting

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Parenting is a not-so-easy task.  There are different challenges come along with parenting. Parents need to be caring, responsible, understanding and patience as well. A child thinks weirdly, asks inappropriate questions, and try to explore new things. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to figure out the world …

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How to handle a teenage breakup

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Teenage Breakup might be hard to handle as the teens experience a new set of emotions which makes them feel sad, lonely and unaccepted. They might feel worthless without the belongingness of their companion. For them, their world comes to an end which induces teens to get involved in drinking …

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Complete Guide for Normal Delivery Vs Cesarean: What to Choose

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Infants can enter this world in one of two different ways: Pregnant ladies can have either a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Cesarean segment; however, an ultimate goal of both delivery techniques is to securely give birth to a healthy infant but there is a huge contradiction between C-section …

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How smoking kills the pregnancy

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Smoking is bad for health in all condition whether you are pregnant or not. Normally it only harms your health but if you are pregnant then you are also harming the fetus in the womb. Either you quit smoking and Alcohol during pregnancy  when you plan to get pregnant or …

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