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How to handle a teenage breakup

Girl Teenage

Teenage Breakup might be hard to handle as the teens experience a new set of emotions which makes them feel sad, lonely and unaccepted. They might feel worthless without the belongingness of their companion. For them, their world comes to an end which induces teens to get involved in drinking …

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Complete Guide for Normal Delivery Vs Cesarean: What to Choose

Parents Talks

Infants can enter this world in one of two different ways: Pregnant ladies can have either a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by Cesarean segment; however, an ultimate goal of both delivery techniques is to securely give birth to a healthy infant but there is a huge contradiction between C-section …

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How smoking kills the pregnancy

smoking girl parents talks

Smoking is bad for health in all condition whether you are pregnant or not. Normally it only harms your health but if you are pregnant then you are also harming the fetus in the womb. Either you quit smoking and Alcohol during pregnancy  when you plan to get pregnant or …

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Food to increase baby weight

Mother baby

All kids are different from each other in respect to complexion height, weight and many habits. It is important to remember that don’t compare your baby with other babies of the same age and months as like your baby. The main thing to take care of your baby is to …

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Top 8 Excellent Ways To Strengthen Father and Son Relationship

father and son relationship

Family relationships are really complex, be it mother-daughter relation or father-son relationship. It sometimes so happens that the rapport between mother and daughter doesn’t go well. Sometimes it also happens that the father-son relationship also takes an ugly return. We all know that a father-son relationship is really complex, and it often turns haywire. A …

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10 Tips to Self Care after Delivery

Health Fitness Mother

Taking out time for you is essential, even after post-delivery. In this feeling, you are not alone; all mothers feel the same way. It’s easy to be sacrificial so that your baby gets the best care. Taking some valuable advice from your friends and family on self-care after delivery or …

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Best women infertility treatments that surely work

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Women Infertility has turned out to be a major area for concern especially among the age group of 15 to 33 years of women. It is the main factor that affects the chances of a happy couple to have a successful pregnancy. Women infertility might occur due to hormonal imbalance …

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Summer skin care tips for Babies

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As we all know that the hot summers have arrived again and the sun is all set to burn us from his heating rays. The babies also feel the same as we feel in the summers. The scorching wind also affects the baby’s sensitive skin. Even heating sunrays have many …

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How to get rid of Constipation in babies!

Eating Baby

The constipation is a very common thing in most of the babies. But on the other hand, it is also a serious condition which can cause abdominal pain. If a baby is not passing his stool clearly and comfortably that simply means he is suffering from constipation.  At that time …

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