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Skin Care Tips For Large Pores


The popularity of skin care tips for large pores can be attributed to the fact that people want to get rid of large pores in order to avoid the formation of acne. Facials are an appropriate way to treat large pores as it helps in cleaning the pores completely. One …

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Skin Treatment For Bed Bug Bite

Skin Treatment For Bed Bug Bite

Bed bugs are tiny (about 0.6 centimeters in length) parasites that multiply rapidly once they infest a home. They feed on the blood of humans, animals, and birds. Though the parasites were somewhat eradicated by intensive spraying of pesticides like DDT in the US during the 1950s.  In the sixties, …

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Weight Loss and Sagging Skin


There are several ways in which you can gain back the perfect body. An important thing to be mentioned here is that it is possible to bring about changes in the body without undergoing any surgical procedures. This is applicable to the problem of sagging skin associated with weight loss. …

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Skin Care With Facial Masks


Our skin gets stressed and dull as it is always exposed to heat, dust, and pollutions. This causes a loss of moisturizer from the skin and dehydrates it. The impact of it can be seen on our face in the form of rashes, pimples and patches, and tanning on our …

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Skin Treatment for Sun Damage


Sunspots are usually seen on the face and hands.  They are caused by exposure to harmful effects of ultra-violet rays of the sun and extended sessions in tanning booths.  Sunspots are also called solar lentigines, which means lesions caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. Related: Skin Care In Your Thirties …

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How To Attain Sag Free Skin


As you grow older, the elastin and collagen fibers in your skin get weak, and therefore, your skin becomes dry and loose. Avoiding tell-tale signs of aging is not possible forever. All you can do is slow down the process and therefore, prevent your skin from sagging for as long …

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Skin Care In Your Thirties

Estefania Pereira

Even though a large number of people today are claiming that being thirty is not all that different from being twenty, the fact is that you must be more careful with your skin in your thirties. The reason being that as we grow older, so does our skin and changes …

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Black Skin Care

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It is a well-known scientific fact that melanin a protein in the skin provides protection from the ravages of day-to-day life, stress, and aging due to UVL (ultraviolet light). In fact, the melanin as a Black Skin Care for African American skin provides an ideal natural SPF (sun protection factor) …

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Skin Care Regime In Your Twenties


Taking extra measures to ensure that you have glowing skin in your twenties is easy and ensures that you have good skin forever. Integrating a few tips into your life will make sure that wrinkles do not find you before time. A large number of people in their twenties believe …

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Facial Skin Care Tips


What a beautiful face! What is the secret of it? A balanced diet, proper skin care, an extra portion of care on a regular basis, and the right beauty sleep every night. We must remember the needs of our skin: During the daytime, it needs protection from the sun and …

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