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Diet Plan For Overweight Obese Children

obesity and education children

Obesity is the heavy accumulation of fat in the body to such a degree that you lose control over the weight and shape of your body.  Obesity rapidly increases the risk of diseases that can damage your health and can reduce your life span, including heart disease and diabetes, etc. …

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Ayurveda For Weight Reduction

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According to Ayurveda, excess body weight is the predominant cause of most illnesses.  Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healthcare system, follows the philosophy that healthy living means living in harmony with nature. When the balance of the life forces inside and outside the body is disturbed, diseases occur. Related: Ayurvedic Cure Tuberculosis Obese …

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How To Prevent Obesity Among Children


Today’s sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons for the rising obesity among people. The two major factors leading to obesity are unhealthy diet habits and no physical exercise. Unhealthy food items like burgers and pizzas not only damage your health but also have a large number of calories. …

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