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How to choose a right life partner

Phone Girl

With divorce and broken marriages’ ratio getting on a high in the country, it gets difficult to choose the right life partner for oneself. Choosing a life partner is one heck of a task. Now, what do you consider while meeting someone? There are several aspects based on what you …

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All about teenage romance and intimacy

Daughter girl

Every teenage relationship is a mixture of love, attraction, and affection between two companions. Each relationship comprises of sexual intimacy as well as moral support.  But teenagers often confuse their feelings of likings and attraction as if love towards the other person which leads to teenage romance and eventually end …

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Teenage Sexual Attractions

girl teenage PT

Teenage is the time when kids start to move towards their puberty. This is the time when their sexuality starts to develop and they feel the emotional and physical attraction. This is very common in teenage life. Some parents talk frankly to their child about these changes while some feel …

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Daughter’s first periods: Get ready to help her

Mother and daughter

Puberty is not as easy to accept for the girls and the most exceptional thing in the teenage girl’s life is her first periods. When girls are unaware of the periods and suddenly face the bleeding in the pants they can get nervous and scare from the situation. This is …

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Pre-baby financial planning: Full nine months guide

Financial Planning Pre baby Parents Talks

Becoming a parent is an overwhelming experience as well as the most difficult one, at the same time. Financial hay-wires are a strict no-no. A financial jolt is unavoidable, be it in the case of planned pregnancy or a sweet surprise. Giving birth to a child is just an exclusively …

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Tips to support your husband as a new dad

Being New Dad

As you have done the hardest task to deliver a baby and now, it’s one more turn to support your husband as a new dad. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep, a shower, or a good meal in many days. You have put the whole of your energy into …

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Unique Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Pregnant Lady

Congratulations to both of you and welcome the new member of your family with lots of happiness and enthusiasm. The nine-month is a special period for the couples and they experience a lot of things during this time. Now a day the Photoshoot with a Baby bump is very popular. …

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