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Importance And Types Of Sleep Or Nidra In Ayurveda

sleep in ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the term Nidra means the physiological state of the rest of the human body, mind, send, and motor organs. When the mind and body are exhausted the sense organs detract from the objects and make the person sleepy. When the mind is exhausted from the regular routine …

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Depression Medication

Kelsey Wells-outdoor-workout

Depression medication is collectively termed as antidepressants. Antidepressants basically maintain a healthy balance of chemicals in the brain. They retard the erosion of certain chemicals (which help maintain mental health) in the brain. The medication has been found especially effective for older people with severe depression symptoms. While most antidepressants can help treat …

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Are There Any Side Effects Of Yoga


The benefits of including Yoga in daily life are so high that people who regularly practice Yoga will not feel like stopping it. Yoga has been proven to be effective for all ages of people. Even pregnant women can practice some yoga poses. Children can avoid complex poses but still …

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How To Stop Worrying


Worrying is meaningful only when it triggers some action in you. If your worry takes you to solve a problem, it is worth it. Worrying should not be a problem by itself. Just brooding over something is totally a waste and it can spoil your mental health and physical health too. You should therefore …

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Are You Feeling Dull Tips To Pep Up

very tired business woman fell asleep leaning on her hand

The current life situation has grown too hard, expensive, and is full of different kinds of strains. Every individual is trying to be at par with one or the other kind of strain. Stress and tension can take away one’s natural vitality and life’s enthusiasm which leads to dullness and reduces …

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How To Prevent Negative Thoughts


Our mental and physical well-being is very much dependent on our thoughts. Positive thinking can nurture positive concepts and these concepts become the foundation for all our deeds. When thoughts transform into deeds, the quality of our actions reflects the nature of our thoughts. Therefore, certainly, we should prevent negative thoughts. Negative thoughts will …

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Tips For How To Deal With Loneliness


Man is a social animal and craves the company of others of his own kind. Our social structure is built on building stable relationships and sharing with other human beings. We long for the security and warmth of being surrounded by family and friends. Yet, there are phases in our …

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Effects Of Meditation On Mind


Effects of meditation on the mind are always considered positive. And even scientific research has proved that meditation can bring emotional stability in a person’s life. Meditation can be practiced for different purposes and the purposes can differ from person to person. Many centuries ago people used to practice meditation …

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How to Survive Depression


Many people even today do not acknowledge clinical depression as an illness.  It is actually a serious illness that affects about 17 million Americans every year. But though surviving depression might be difficult, it is not an impossible task. There are several ways in which positive reinforcement from the people …

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How To Manage Stress

Mental Health Benefits stress management

The stress of different kinds has been taking a toll on each one of us especially in people who are leading a life in cities. Work pressure, layoffs, family tensions, divorce, financial crisis, recession there are plenty of things that increase the anxiety in everyone’s life. And most of the …

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