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Is Your Man Mama’s Boy


If your boyfriend or husband is a mama’s boy, then you’re sure to be driven up the wall in no time! Listening to “mama this, mama that” all the time can be very frustrating. Especially when your man is always comparing you to his mother! “Mama makes better meatballs than …

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How To Build Strong And Long Lasting Relationships


Do you want to know How to make relationships stronger and long-lasting? Then I will tell you how. Let us first understand what causes us to think,  How to make relationships stronger and long-lasting. Nowadays both men and women work so their life becomes stressful as each one of them …

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Relationship Trouble: Some Common Signs

Relationship Lovely couple in bed

Life partners can stop the trouble in their relationship by watching for warning signs and the outcomes from them. A few of the signs which shoot up trouble waves in a relationship are below mentioned. Communication is negative or bad. Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. When it …

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How To Build Trust In Relationship


Building trust in relationships is very important. No relationship can work without trust. If your partner is doing some kind of behavior that is unpredictable something which you may not have predicted then you may suspect and your trust in your partner may deteriorate. You should act predictably if you want …

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Does Your Partner Take You For Granted


Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. It’s the same old step all the time. The initial dating phase is always lovey-dovey and cute, with romantic gestures and surprises. But eventually, after some amount of time, the spark finally burns out, so there’s no more zing or excitement in …

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Why Women Have Affairs

eyes beautiful girl

Remaining faithful to one’s partner is an overrated virtue, so it would seem in today’s context. While both sexes cheat on their partners, the reasons vary. For women, the reasons for cheating stem from an emotional context. For men, the need to cheat stems from a gambling instinct and from …

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Is Love At First Sight Possible

Romance- love-couple-face

So is it possible for someone to fall in love just by looking at the other person? After all, it does sound kind of difficult to understand. And can’t say like this “infatuation at first sight”! Love is a mighty big word to use for someone you’ve just seen for a …

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Difference Between Love And Infatuation


Love and infatuation are literally two completely different emotions, yet it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between them initially! So before you settle on tying the knot with your to-be “better half”, it’s important to know the difference between love and infatuation. Infatuation is more like a whole new …

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Teenagers cheating in love affairs


Love is considered as a magical force that binds two human souls together. But love at the adolescent age can be a risk as teens aren’t fully aware of the value and worth of love in their lives. A series of hormonal and emotional changes undergo in their lives which …

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