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Vitamins Good For Acne Prone Skin


By ensuring appropriate changes in one’s diet, one can significantly ensure positive effects for the skin as well as one’s general health. Even a medical condition called Acne can be positively impacted by altering one’s dietary habits. This is because there are some vitamins good for acne. This is because …

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Women Spend Time On Looks Than Health

attarctive woman on bed beautiful girl laying

According to a survey it was revealed that women spend more time on looks than health and the average amount of money that they spend on beauty products and treatments is a whopping six hundred dollars per annum. Many women tend to ignore their health in the bid to look …

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Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss


A healthy lifestyle plays an important role in every weight loss program. One can succumb to a diet plan and lose the desired amount of weight, but eventually, he might gain back the weight if he does not have a healthy lifestyle. Many times people complain that their weight loss …

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Anger Management In Ayurveda


Anger is an instinctive and extremely destructive behavior and an extremely destructive state of mind.  The person goes out of control and says and does things unpleasant that would not have occurred under normal circumstances.  A person’s anger can also inflict great pain on those who are at the receiving …

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Lifestyle In Ayurveda


Lifestyle in Ayurveda means the “Din Charya” practices or the Daily Routine activities leading to a healthy life. Ayurveda recommends the following regimen which is Din Charya to prevent the diseases and also to promote the good physical and the mental health. We can find detailed descriptions of how to …

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What Does Eye Contact And Movement Say


Eye contact and movement are a very important part of nonverbal communication. Different types of eye contact and movements have different meanings and interpretations which sometimes differ from culture to culture. In some countries, children are taught not to make eye contact very often especially with the elders as it’s …

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How To Achieve Flat Stomach With Exercises


It is highly recommended to find a home exercise program that includes the above-mentioned routines, viz., home boxing, kettle-bell, and bodyweight exercises, among others. If you are dying to get rid of your belly fat and get a flat stomach look, then it should be quite pleasing for you to …

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Lifestyle Changes Are Important During Pregnancy

Lifestyle changes are important during pregnancy

Getting pregnant is the most beautiful stage of a woman’s life. In actuality, the babies are the precious blessings of God, and to get them, women have to maintain a healthy lifestyle of nine months so that they don’t have to face any type of problem during delivery. The life …

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