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Why Important Good Exercise During Pregnancy

Girl Fitness Exercise Zym

Pregnancy is considered as the most prestigious phase of a woman’s life as she is going to become a mother of an unborn token of love. A pregnant lady is required to take proper diet and nutrition in order to stay healthy and to avoid any complications at the time …

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American Airlines are giving special care to pregnant women  


American Airlines has been providing excellent service provision to all the passengers be it pregnant women, children or medically unfit people. In this guide, you will gain knowledge about all the special care that is imparted to the pregnant women with American Airlines reservations: Get Special Meal Preferences It is …

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Irregular Periods for Teens

Irregular Period

Periods, otherwise called the menstrual cycle, is an ordinary procedure that occurs in a female body where the body drains each month for 3-7 days. Consistently, the body sets itself up for pregnancy and when no pregnancy happens, the uterus begins shedding it’s fixing alongside tissues and blood. What’s more, …

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Is It Safe To Wear Bra After Delivery!

Is it safe to wear Bra after Delivery

Hello all mommies, Are you also the one who is getting confused in deciding to wear or avoid the Bras after Delivery? Are you also having doubt in selecting the correct Bra after Delivery? Or did you got confused to change your Bra’s wardrobe? If there are any such type …

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Pregnancy Intimacy: Enjoy with safe tips


Pregnancy Intimacy is the thing that every couple enjoys with fear of hurting their babies in the womb. But on the other hand, they also strengthen their emotional attachment by making physical relations during pregnancy. Being Intimate during pregnancy is a good thing but you have to keep many essential …

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Couple Relationship Advice- 10 golden tips that work


For many people across the globe, relationships are difficult. But in reality, it is as simple as you make them. Two main things happen, when people are in a relationship. Firstly, couples who were in very much love may not last forever, and couples who broke up might get back …

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How to spend weekends with your children?

Mother and daughter

Spending time with your children will yield strong bonds, create memories for the future and make them feel loved. Weekends are an amazing time when you are free from your office duties and have enough time for your kids. These are the under-mentioned activities that you can do and they …

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