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Ayurveda For Respiratory Tract Infection


Respiratory tract infection is a viral infection. Over 20 such viruses are known and they are highly contagious. The infection spreads through normal physical contact like shaking hands and particularly through sneezing and coughing. It is of two types – Upper and Lower respiratory infection. Upper respiratory tract infection affects …

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What Is Labial Herpes


Labial herpes is a tiny but painful sore that appears in the mouth or anywhere in the face. It does not have symptoms at the initial stage, but can be seen sometimes as an infection of the gums (gingivostomatitis), causing their swelling. Labial herpes is probably one of the most prevalent …

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How To Take Care Of Dry Skin


The prime reason for the dryness of the skin is due to the damage of the uppermost level of the skin, which is known as the epidermis. The basic symptom of dry skin is that the texture of the skin becomes rough and the urge to itch can also develop. …

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Dry Skin Hydration

Dry Skin Hydration

Every one of you must have dealt with dehydrated skin at some point in your life. If the skin is dehydrated it can scale or crack. Skin hydration is often needed during the wintertime when there is less humidity. Causes of Dry Skin 1. Environmental Factors: The environment greatly contributes to skin …

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Dry Skin And Winters


The onset of the winter season not only introduces a dip in the temperature but also welcomes dry skin. Although it is not a life-threatening condition it can easily manage to wreck one’s appearance. All we want to do during such a phase is to confine ourselves in our homes, …

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Dry Skin Diseases

Dry skin on hands, back and front

People find it difficult to accept the fact that mere dry skin can cause a lot of skin diseases. And the dryness of skin indeed causes the development of a plethora of skin diseases. It is important to gather the details of such diseases as it will help you to deal with the condition of …

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Care For Skin Around The Eyes

blue eyes face-skincare

The skin near the area of the eye is profusely sensitive. Mostly, the wrinkles surface in this area. The appearance of wrinkles is the initial sign of tiredness. A lot of things can be predicted by looking at the condition of a person’s eye. Dry skin near the eyes can prove to …

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An End to Dry Skin And Itching

Cleanse your skin

You would be flabbergasted to know that dry skin which causes the acute need to itch is primarily because of the skincare regime followed by you. The development of dry skin is mainly due to two reasons. First of all, we like to soak ourselves in hot water while taking …

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Dry Skin And Washing Of Hands


Doctors and nurses are in such a profession where they need to wash their hands constantly, which naturally makes the skin of their hands very dry. People in the health care industry often suffer from this same problem. But these are the perils of being in this profession and one …

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Understanding Dry Skin Xerosis


Xerosis is a condition, where one experiences the wrath of dry skin. Although dry skin is not a serious disease, it makes people very uncomfortable. Dry skin can also help in developing wrinkles. Causes of Dry Skin Dry skin is mostly caused by a lack of proper skincare and this problem …

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