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Ayurveda For Blood Pressure

The girl doctor the nutritionist makes an example of the menu of a man with excess weight for proper and healthy nutrition, medical nutrition

High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension. This condition if unattended can lead to a heart attack.  Ayurveda, the ancient and holistic approach to healthcare has some effective treatment methods for curing high blood pressure.  The condition of high blood pressure is referred to as Rakta Capa Vriddhi in …

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Control High Blood Pressure With Yoga


Yoga can be used as an effective tool to decrease the level of blood pressure as it is a great way to eliminate stress from the body. Since the symptoms of high blood pressure are not evident in most cases, people tend to ignore this condition, and later on, it …

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Effects Of Meditation On Mind


Effects of meditation on the mind are always considered positive. And even scientific research has proved that meditation can bring emotional stability in a person’s life. Meditation can be practiced for different purposes and the purposes can differ from person to person. Many centuries ago people used to practice meditation …

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