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 Benefits Of Using Alfalfa


Alfalfa is a plant that is known to bring the minerals up to the ground level for its roots go deep down as a result brings minerals not available to the ground surface. The plant alfalfa is well rich in vitamins, and minerals. As well known of many nutrients, they …

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 Japanese Herbal Medicine

Japanese herbal medicine

Japanese herbal medicine is as wide as the world itself but known to a small segment of the global population. Try global trotting and you will find a valuable resource the Japanese herbal medicine is. This Japanese herbal medicine has become part of modern drugs. Scientific findings of Japanese herbal …

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Side Effects Of Black Cohosh

what-does-black-cohosh-Black Cohosh

Black cohosh, botanical name Actaea racemose, is a herbaceous plant native to eastern North America. It is known under various synonyms including black snakeroot, black bugbane, and fairy candle among others. The herb, which grows from an underground rhizome, is normally found in woodlands, particularly in woodland openings. Its pharmaceutical …

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Passion Flower Facts


Passionflower scientifically also known as Passiflora incarnate is a member of the family Passifloraceae. There are many Passionflower facts known to man today. The plant is known to have its origin in the southeastern parts of the Western Hemisphere. However, now it is grown throughout Europe. It is a perennial …

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Benefits Of Alfaalfa


Alfalfa sprouts are members of the pea family. The sprouts are derived from the seeds and are in white with thread-like tops. The legume grows anywhere and is ready for harvest in little more than a week. Alfalfa is used in Chinese and modern medicine. It is an ingredient in …

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Side Effects Of Kava Kava


Kava kava is a rhizome-based plant native to the western pacific islands that are used to produce a beverage popular among the pacific cultures in Polynesia, Melanesia, and even parts of Australia. Kava Kava Herbal Extract Effects Its chief use is as a sedative that is used to bring about relaxation …

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 How Does Aromatherapy Work


Ask someone how aromatherapy work and you receive a blank stare. It might be good for us but trying to explain a simple question such as how does aromatherapy works is a daunting task. This is a skill and a way of putting into use some essential oils tapped from …

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How To Dry Herbs


Sometimes you can go out and get some herbs that cannot be used in their green state. In fact, when handling them you ought to know how to dry herbs. It becomes challenging when there is no sun. The gloomy weather can be very discouraging and no matter how you …

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Valerian Roots Side Effects

Valerian roots

Despite the benefits that are associated with the use of the Valerian roots, the side effects can not be overlooked. The herb is a perennial root with an effective herbal remedy with side effects on top of it. Among the side effects that are possible with the use of the …

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Benefits Of Mistletoe Plant


To tell you all about the mistletoe plant let’s begin with the stories people tell. It is known to attach itself to the apple or the oak trees. That gives you something to wonder about. That is not all about the mistletoe plant. Could someone tell whether the mistletoe knows …

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