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Diet For Gall Stones


The gall bladder is a non-vital organ that assists the process of digestion. It is a small pear-shaped organ located near the liver and stores the bile produced by the liver. The gall bladder releases bile into the digestive system to break down fats in the food consumed.  Often, the …

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Diet For Underweight


It is commonly agreed that it is much easier to put on weight than to lose weight. The definition of ideal weight is also open to interpretation. A person may look underweight but is energetic and able to do a full day’s work whereas a relatively healthy-looking person may be …

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Diet Plan For Breast Feeding Mothers


Breastfeeding mothers must eat healthy foods. By eating a nutritious and balanced diet, the mother can ensure good health for her as well as for her baby.  If the mother does not get 1500 to 1800 calories per day, there will be less production of milk, and the baby may …

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Diet For Gluten Free

gluten free grains (quinoa, brown rice, kaniwa, amaranth, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, teff) - measuring scoops with a text in letterpress wood type

Gluten is an elastic protein compound found in certain grains and a known allergen. Gluten allergy manifests in the form of dermatitis, respiratory disorder, and intestinal disorders.  Gluten has been found to trigger Celiac disease, also known as Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy (GSE), an autoimmune disease. A gluten free diet is a …

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Foods That Weaken Your Bones

junk food burgers

The old adage says “You are what you eat”. What we eat defines our general health. Overindulgence in any food group leads to an imbalance in the body and ill health. Our bone structure is the very foundation of our body. Loss of bone density leads to bones of the …

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Ways To Increase Omega 3 Intake


Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is considered essential for the health of human beings.  The human body cannot produce it so you have to get them through a proper diet that includes omega 3. Omega6 and Omega 3 are nutrients that help us in keeping our heart healthy, skin …

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Diet For Runners


Running, the measure is a highly effective calorie-burning exercise whether as a recreational sport or as a weight loss regimen. The image of a track athlete is that of a lean machine. Runners tend to put on weight when they stop training on a regular basis. It takes 100 extra …

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Diet Plan For Body Builders

Attractive male body builder on blue background

Your body-building diet should help you to build muscles.  High protein foods and carbohydrates are ideal to be included in the diet for building healthy muscles. The diet should contain less fat.  It is therefore advisable for bodybuilders to have a specific diet plan depending on their unique needs.  You …

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Diet Plan For Kidney Stones


A kidney stone is a hard and solid lump that forms in your kidney. It is a painful condition if unchecked may become serious. The lump can be as small as a tiny pebble or it can be much bigger. This is all the developed body’s waste products in your urine. …

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Diet Plan For Kidney Transplant


Diet plans after a kidney transplant are most important and it is a critical consideration after the surgery. Your diet plan should help your body to accept your new kidney as there is a possibility of a dangerous level of weight gain after a transplant. This is due to the …

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