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Health Benefits Of Turmeric


Turmeric may have found its origin in India and it has been in use for 2500 years in India, it is after this that many health benefits of turmeric came to effect. Though the exact origin of turmeric is not specific but is known to have come from south-east Asia. …

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Sure Shot Symptoms of Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the serious diseases commonly seen in people. Usually, people get this problem when the Glucose level in the blood increases. This leads to dangerous problems which include: stroke or heart attack. There exist lots of things that can be taken care of to control diabetes. And …

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Natural Ways To Control Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes-Risk Factor

Diabetes afflicts several thousand people every year and the number is constantly growing. Every country is almost seeing a doubling of the figures in diabetic patients. At the same time do not lose heart. People who have diabetes can easily control it with some effective measures that can help you …

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Symptoms Of Diabetes


Diabetes is of two kinds however, the symptoms for both of them are the same. This is because the high blood sugar due to less production of insulin by the pancreas brings about the same symptoms in the human body. If you are able to gauge these symptoms quickly enough …

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8 Warning Symptoms Of Diabetes


Diabetes is a serious ‘medical condition’. And it is a lifelong and life-threatening problem. When people go for some other treatment or ailment, Doctors often notice that the people are suffering from diabetes. Early detection is the main key to prevent diabetes. Usually, when people go for diabetic detection, it …

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Is There Any Relation Between Diet And Acne


A large variety of opinions exist on this topic. The available evidence is also not so convincing. It is a common opinion that greasy foods and chocolate can worsen the condition caused by acne. However, dermatologists feel that this is only a myth. For both opinions, there is little evidence. …

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High Cholesterol Causes and Reasons

man- heart-pain-high-cholesterol-parents-talks

There can be several high cholesterol causes and reasons but genetic factors often play a crucial role in triggering the overproduction of cholesterol in the body. Most of the time unhealthy diets and lifestyles are often held responsible for high cholesterol levels. These days many people lead a sedentary lifestyle …

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How To Relieve Constipation

How To Relieve Constipation

Nobody talks about it but it is at the back of everybody’s mind. No complaint had ever given rise to more distress and discomfort than this common and mundane ailment. Yes, I am talking about the problem of constipation which affects about 4% of people worldwide. Such large numbers dictate …

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What To Do In Case Of Chronic Constipation

How To Avoid Getting Constipated

Nothing debilitates like chronic constipation. People feel embarrassed to talk about it, feel shy in discussing it but agree nevertheless that this disease is energy-sapping and concentration dissolving. Having less than 3 bowel movements per week is called constipation. Food as you know moves down the intestine with recurring waves …

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How To Relieve Infant Constipation


Beware of your baby’s cry. Though most of the time, your baby cries due to innocuous reasons some of the cries may be triggered by pain in the abdomen arising from constipation. Candidly speaking, there is no hard or fast rule as to what the frequency of bowel movements in …

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