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Diet VS Exercise A Debate For Weight Loss

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When it comes to choosing a healthy life, people often get confused about what to choose “diet or exercise”? There has been a lot of debate over both. However, both diet and exercise have importance in life. A well-balanced diet helps to make our body system work effectively whereas exercise …

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Are Sore Muscles A Good Sign

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Extreme workout to become fit as early as possible may leave your muscles to soar. Sometimes the pain surfaces a good 24 hours after the exercise.  This kind of soreness is termed delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  Is that a good sign? Is muscle soreness a good thing to happen …

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Test Yourself To Know Your Fitness Levels


It is very important that a person should know “how healthy he/she is?” it is necessary because it tells you your physical abilities and capacity. One can get an idea about his/her health if goes through a few small fitness tests. These tests are designed in such a way that …

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List Of Weird Ways To Get Healthy

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Getting healthy is very important, but ways to remain healthy can be boring. However, there are a few weird ways that can help you to be healthy and you don’t have to put extra effort to do them. Basically, they are methods or things that we do in our daily …

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Can You Reverse Years Of Neglect On Health


It takes time for people who have spent many years away from fitness exercises to finally reverse this trend. It takes more than just efforts in the gym in order to reverse this situation. For instance, one has to plan how he is going to deal with this seemingly impossible …

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How to Prevent Love Chub

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Love is the most wonderful feeling, but there are few side-effects of this phenomenon. The most common problem is the love chub. It is something people don’t understand in the initial stage of love, but later on, get to understand when they see their weight gain. When in love, you …

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Are You A Lazy Bum To Exercise

Bodyweight exercises - fitness woman doing fire hydrants legs kickbacks. Active girl training glute muscles raising one leg to the side and back for strength training in outdoor gym on grass floor.

Losing weight is an important task that several people would like to get involved in and for one to do this effectively and naturally, he or she should be ready to exercise and maintain the set schedules so as to meet the goals. While some people are trying hard to …

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5 Fun Summer Workouts To Reduce Calories


During summer, the most common form of workout is going for a stroll. Walking is good, but there can be a lot many ways to keep outdoor activities going in the summer. There are various invigorating and challenging activities that will help you to enjoy as well as they will …

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Pre And Post Workout Diet

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Muscle gain can be effective only if a pre and post-workout diet is supplied to the body with the right type of nutrition, that too, at the right time. Workout in the gym involves intense resistance exercise. Usually, the span of the workout is less than one hour. The diet you take 90 …

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Kegel Or Pregnancy Exercises

Kegel Or Pregnancy Exercises

Kegel exercise is advised for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor of women. The name of this exercise has been derived from the name of a gynecologist called Arnold Kegel. The exercise was developed as early as the 1940s. This exercise is very helpful for women who have a …

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