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Hair Remedies For Split End Hairs

Hair Remedies For Split End Hairs Parents Talks

Healthy hair is glossy, thick, and silky. Hair is a good indicator of overall health. Dull, lifeless hair is a sign of nutritional imbalances and a sign that hair is stressed and maltreated. How to Prevent Split Ends in Hair Hair is made of a protein compound called keratin. The …

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Fenugreek Seeds- Methi Oil For Hair Care

Fenugreek-Seeds- Methi-Oil-Parents-Talks

Methi (Fenugreek seeds) is one of the best herbs that can be used in many ways as a home remedy for problems of hair, skin, or other health conditions like diabetes and obesity.  Due to its beneficial effects without side effects, methi is widely used in general cooking and treatments …

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Hair Dietary Supplements

Hair shining care girl parents talks

Hair is an indicator of good health and vitality. Hair losses, dull hair, and lack of hair growth are indications of bigger general health problems. Nutritional deficiencies cause hair problems. A healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins nourishes hair and promotes hair vitality. Related: Hair Remedies For Dry Hair Hair …

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Hair Remedies For Dry Hair

beautiful lady woman attarctive face

When your hair is devoid of its natural oil and moisture it becomes dry and lacks the shine and soft texture. There are oil glands in the scalp which produce sebum. This sebum serves to keep the scalp moist and hair shiny. Loss of these oils causes drying of the …

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Hair Remedies To Increase Bounce In Hair

Hair Remedies Care Parents Talks

Healthy hair seems to have a life of its own. It is lustrous, easy to manage, and soft. Healthy hair should not be too oily or too dry, not frizzy, and should have volume. This seems to be an impossible task to achieve for most of us with average, nondescript …

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Vitamins In Fruits


Fruits have been found to be an important source of different types of nutrients and vitamins. The different types of vitamins in fruits have been found to contribute to important biochemical reactions and thus play a definite role in contributing to the healthy functioning of the human body. Vitamins in fruits …

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Health Benefits Of Zinc Supplements

Tablets-Pills-Zinc Supplements-Parents-Talks

Zinc is a very important mineral. You might be always thinking What are zinc supplement’s health benefits but let me tell you that zinc supplement has a whole lot of uses in our body and thus it is very important. Zinc is an all round mineral and helps to increase …

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Myriad Green Tea Health Benefits

Girl Enjoy Her Morning Tea

Green tea’s health benefits are synonymous with the consumption of green tea. All of us are acquainted with the major green tea health benefits and that consists of the prevention of cancer. Green tea’s health benefits also include the prohibition of diabetes. Green tea’s health benefits prove the fact that …

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Real Taste With Loose Leaf Green Tea

Herbal Green Tea Leaf

Green tea has become a favorite beverage for many of us. And the most common way to brew a cup of green tea is by dipping a tea bag into a cup of hot water. This is how more than seventy percent of the green tea drinkers, brew their tea. …

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Cherish Chinese Green Tea


The Chinese green tea as the name suggests originated in China. Various researches have been conducted on the Chinese green tea and it was found that a substance called catechin which is found in teas and induces weight loss, was quantitatively more in Chinese green tea when compared to the …

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