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Most Common Hair Color Mistakes

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There are several mistakes that could make your hair coloring go awry. Try to avoid them by following hair color application instructions carefully.  Two mistakes that occur very often are (1) hair turning a strange shade of orange, purple or green due to some wrong procedures adopted and (2) a …

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How To Get Rid of Head Lice

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Head lice are parasites that feast on human blood and need the same for survival. The eggs hatch over a week or 10 days and each louse lays over 4 eggs on a daily basis. Head lice are spread when one comes in contact with others who suffer from the …

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Are Hairsprays Bad For Hair


Cosmetic products do a lot of good to your skin and hair.  Yet, some caution has to be exercised when using them, as the chemicals used to create them may not be 100% safe.  The first precaution you have to take to minimize risks of cosmetic usage is to opt …

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Ammonia And Peroxide Free Hair Color

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Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are important ingredients in hair color because they are both chiefly instrumental in keeping the hair color for a longer duration.  Without these chemicals, hair color will fade off after a few shampoos.  Ammonia is usually included only in permanent hair dyes. Temporary hair dyes are …

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Choosing Right Shampoo For My Hair

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Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is very essential for you to achieve healthy hair and maintain it without any unwanted harmful effects. A shampoo appropriate to your hair only will be effective. If you have oily hair you should not use a shampoo or conditioner meant for dry hair. The dry …

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Diet for Healthy Shiny Hair

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If you are looking to improve the quality of your hair or give it a better texture, it is essential that you consume the following food products 1-Salmon Salmon contains the following nutrients Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamin B-12 Iron These nutrients lead to improved health of your scalp. On the …

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How To Treat Oily Hair

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Oily hair is not only common but also leads to problems like acne and other troubles related to skin irritancies. Managing oily hair is difficult to take care as it tends to be limp for the most part. Naturally, an oily scalp leads to oily hair. The opposite is true …

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Natural Ways To Condition Your Hair


Hair is a very valuable part of a human being’s body that is valued too much, especially by the ladies. To some people, hair is the source of beauty and has to be taken care of with a lot of control. When talking of natural methods of conditioning an individual’s …

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How To Condition Your Hair Properly

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A hair conditioner is basically a hair care product that is available for the different available hair types. These hair conditioners work on the hair and make it stronger. They also moisturize the hair and prevent it from escaping. Most hair conditioners provide temporary benefits. This means that they strengthen …

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How To Make Cheap And Best Natural Hair Shampoo


If you are a nature freak or organic freak, you’ll want to use organic products; and the cheap and best natural shampoo too. However, most of the so-called natural or organic products available in the market have deceptive and misleading descriptions. All the cosmetic brands advertise in a way to …

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