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Best Diet Plan For Me


The best weight loss programs are those which include one’s personal choices as well as one’s needs into the diet plan. The diet specialist or nutritionist who is supervising your diet plan must not only be highly educative but must also have adequate experience in this field. Before determining the …

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Annoying Habits Of Your Life Partner


You might be always thinking, how to deal with Annoying habits your partner has but first you must know that from when you have been staying with your life partner. How to deal with Annoying habits your partner has is a topic in which the annoying habits may be different …

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Kids And Yoga: Top 8 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids


Yoga has emerged from India and is emerging as the most performed activity around the world which keeps you healthy and fresh. Yoga is found beneficial for human beings of all the ages. But many studies and surveys have shown that it is more beneficial for younger kids and toddlers. …

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Meditation To Enhance Body, Mind and Stress Management


After trying several things for stress management, people are coming back to the old ways. They are giving preference to yoga to deal with stress in their daily life. Yoga can be performed anytime and anywhere, therefore can be a quick stress reliever and help you restore calmness. If you …

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How to perfect the art of Bottle Feeding Your Baby

Bottle Feeding Your Baby

There are many questions and doubts parents who are starting to bottle feed their baby have, and rightly so. Here in this article, we attempt to make you aware about the different aspects of bottle feeding and how you can carry out the process in the best and most informed …

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Irregular Periods for Teens

Irregular Period

Periods, otherwise called the menstrual cycle, is an ordinary procedure that occurs in a female body where the body drains each month for 3-7 days. Consistently, the body sets itself up for pregnancy and when no pregnancy happens, the uterus begins shedding its fixing alongside tissues and blood. What’s more, …

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Is your baby also not eating properly in summers!

baby eating parents talks

Hello smart mommies and daddies, Welcome back to parentstalks.com, so, the summers and heat are at its peak, and I am getting a new experience this summer with my baby that he is losing his appetite due to so high temperature. Am I the only mother who is experiencing it …

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How to Encourage a Toddler to Write

Parents Talk Magazine 3

Make writing practice “fun” for your toddlers.  Put workbooks aside until and unless your toddler is really interested in them. You can easily inculcate writing habits to your young and toddlers. As you put the effort into them, they literally improve and make a mark in the writing world.  Read …

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How to help kids cope with their emotions?

Parents Talk Magazine 1 school baby

Everyone, be it adults or kids, have difficulties in expressing their emotions. Though the parents try to help the kids in expressing their emotions properly, still they struggle to do so. For this, the parents must take out time and energy to teach their children how to manage their feelings. …

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How to deal with stubborn Child

stubborn Child

The most difficult challenges in the whole parenthood period are dealing with stubborn children. Some parents stay calm and try to make them understand the difference between good and bad. While there are many parents who are short-tempered and it became impossible for them to deal with their Kids. You …

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