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Hair Spray Ingredients


Hairspray is used to keep the hair in place without disturbing its style or setting.  Yet, there are so many ingredients that go into its make-up.  Hairspray also makes the hair appear shinier.  It gives a well-groomed look to your hair, for about two days after application. What happens when …

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Gray Hair Shampoo


Graying hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you are growing old, and need to use products meant for old people. The graying of hair is attributed to the fact that a special hair pigment stops growing. Therefore gray hairs need special treatment and therefore, using just any shampoo for your gray …

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How To Prevent Gray Hair Naturally

Short Hair Waves

It is often said that gray hair is a sign of wisdom. But if it starts appearing at the wrong age, it becomes a reason for concern. It is extremely discomforting for anyone to have gray hairs, which gives a wrong impression of age. However one needs to understand the …

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Stop Gray Hair Vitamins

Happy woman brushing hair in bathroom having problem with hair loss

Several individuals go for messy dyeing or hair coloring styles as a solution to cover up their graying hair not knowing that there are other simple alternatives that can stop the gray hair. Grey hair always occurs as people age though there are vitamins that can solve this nightmare. Hair …

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Ayurveda For Grey Hair


Graying of hair is the most familiar sign of aging and it is a natural phenomenon. Most commonly graying starts around the age of forty but it starts earlier in some people which is known as premature graying. The age at which grey hair appears depends on the genes the person has …

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