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Hair Spray Ingredients


Hairspray is used to keep the hair in place without disturbing its style or setting.  Yet, there are so many ingredients that go into its make-up.  Hairspray also makes the hair appear shinier.  It gives a well-groomed look to your hair, for about two days after application. What happens when …

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Hair Color Root Touch-up

Hair color root touch up parents talks

The new hair that starts growing after you have colored your hair will not have the same color as the rest of the hair.  By touching up the roots of the new hair with the color you can make the hair color you have applied earlier, last longer.   Just …

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Hair Remedies For Split End Hairs

Hair Remedies For Split End Hairs Parents Talks

Healthy hair is glossy, thick, and silky. Hair is a good indicator of overall health. Dull, lifeless hair is a sign of nutritional imbalances and a sign that hair is stressed and maltreated. How to Prevent Split Ends in Hair Hair is made of a protein compound called keratin. The …

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Hair Remedies For Damaged Hair

Beautiful model girl with long wavy and shiny hair . Brunette woman with curly hairstyle

A healthy, lustrous head of hair is a sign of beauty in all cultures. Hair needs a bit of regular attention and care to look its best always. In today’s times with poor personal health and hygiene, lack of time to care for hair, and at the other extreme, too …

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Hair Remedies To Increase Bounce In Hair

Hair Remedies Care Parents Talks

Healthy hair seems to have a life of its own. It is lustrous, easy to manage, and soft. Healthy hair should not be too oily or too dry, not frizzy, and should have volume. This seems to be an impossible task to achieve for most of us with average, nondescript …

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How To Take Care Of Hair In Winters

Gray Hair Care Parents Talks

Winter is not only cold but also dry. The extreme climatic conditions in winter can affect the quality of your hair. Obviously, this dry season makes the hair also dry. In the winter days, you have to keep your indoor environment warmed up using room heaters. Therefore, both inside and outside the house it …

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Hairspray Colored

hair clolor girl

There are occasions when you simply want to let your hair down.  You may want to shed your usual image of a smart sober dresser and change over to something a little mischievous.  Colored hairspray can give you ‘fun” look and make you look trendy.  Some people go for an …

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Ammonia And Peroxide Free Hair Color

hair colors shiny

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are important ingredients in hair color because they are both chiefly instrumental in keeping the hair color for a longer duration.  Without these chemicals, hair color will fade off after a few shampoos.  Ammonia is usually included only in permanent hair dyes. Temporary hair dyes are …

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Choosing Right Shampoo For My Hair

Beautiful Girl PT

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is very essential for you to achieve healthy hair and maintain it without any unwanted harmful effects. A shampoo appropriate to your hair only will be effective. If you have oily hair you should not use a shampoo or conditioner meant for dry hair. The dry …

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Diet for Healthy Shiny Hair

Diet for healthy hairs parents talks

If you are looking to improve the quality of your hair or give it a better texture, it is essential that you consume the following food products 1-Salmon Salmon contains the following nutrients Omega-3 fatty acids Vitamin B-12 Iron These nutrients lead to improved health of your scalp. On the …

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