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Are Missed Period A Sign Of Pregnancy


Are missed periods a sign of pregnancy? such a question may be lingering in the minds of almost all women at least once in their lifetime. The chances of pregnancy being a sign of missed periods are very high as compared to other reasons. That does not mean whenever a …

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Online Pregnancy Test


An online Pregnancy test is the newest service offered by websites and web portals and since the launch of this service by several providers, people have been flocking to the sites to use this free online service and in most cases, they are confidential ensuring privacy, hassle-free and less time-consuming.  …

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Predicting Ovulation Dates Accurately


The ovarian follicle of healthy women releases matures eggs every month. This egg stays active for 12 to 24 hours. During its active span, if the egg meets a sperm from a male, fertilization takes place. The period proximate to ovulation is suitable for couples to have intercourse to get a positive result. The …

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Eight Month Of Pregnancy


The size of the baby during the eighth week of pregnancy is approximately around fourteen to twenty millimeters. A lot of growth takes place in the baby during this time. Initially, the baby has a small tail, but with the onset of the eighth week, the tail will disappear. Eyelids …

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Twin Pregnancy Risks


The human body is made to conceive, nurture and deliver a single fetus. Under circumstances that scientists are yet to correctly diagnose and accurately predict, the human body conceives and births more than one baby. Multiple pregnancies are rare, in fact, twin pregnancies occur in 1 out of 80 births.  …

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Signs of Labor: Early Signs & Symptoms of Labor


Hello all preggies, Now it’s time to deliver your baby but did you know that how to get the symptoms of having labor? Do you know the difference between labor and pre-labor? This is very sensitive as well as a critical time for you so it is very important to …

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Essential Points that aid in Preparing for Pregnancy

Preparing for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered as the most amazing period of a woman’s life. A woman not only carries the responsibility of her child but also has to take care of herself during the period of 9 months of pregnancy. There are a number of things that a mother should keep in …

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Are high heels safe for pregnant women?

heels sandle shoes girls

Wearing high heels during pregnancy is considered a dangerous trigger for the unborn child. It will hamper the health and physique of the mother and will make her feel tired and fatigued. Although women love to own high heels as it will beautify their personality and make them look more …

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Dental Care during pregnancy

Dental Care during pregnancy

Have you gone through the dental check-up during pregnancy? Do you know the dental situation during pregnancy? Did you know that how many infections can damage your teeth as well as your baby in the womb? We assure that you don’t know and this is the reason that you have …

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Lifestyle Changes Are Important During Pregnancy

Lifestyle changes are important during pregnancy

Getting pregnant is the most beautiful stage of a woman’s life. In actuality, the babies are the precious blessings of God, and to get them, women have to maintain a healthy lifestyle of nine months so that they don’t have to face any type of problem during delivery. The life …

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