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Ayurveda For Conception And Pregnancy


Conception happens within a year of the normal sexual union without the use of contraceptives. When this does not happen, medical attention becomes necessary.  By improving general health relaxing the mind and taking steps to nourish the reproductive system and nervous system. Ayurveda and Conception Ayurveda places great emphasis on a …

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Ayurveda For Getting Pregnant

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According to Ayurveda, conception is the result of factors like healthy sperm, healthy ovum, and also a healthy uterus. Reproductive health depends on the health of the reproductive tissue known as Shukra dhatu in both men and women. In women, the Shukra tissue is responsible for the creation of the ovum …

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Is It Safe To Take Ginger During Pregnancy


Ginger and pregnancy go hand-in-hand according to many folk concepts of medicine. Indeed it is true that ginger helps pregnant women. The relationship between ginger and pregnancy is that of an excellent natural cure for a major problem for pregnant women, morning sickness. Unless you suffer from gallstones or a …

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Pregnancy and Sex


Pregnancy and sex is a widely discussed subject amongst couples who are expecting babies as it impacts their lives in a certain way. There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around pregnancy and sex. But surprisingly one can indulge in sex during the pregnancy period, and being cautious can ensure …

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Side Effects Of Planned Parenthood Abortions

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By the time women complete five decades of their life, at least one out of every three of them would have had an abortion. The procedure has become extremely common, given today’s stressful life and parenthood limitations. There are two kinds of abortions. One involved taking the abortion pill while the other …

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When To Stop Infertility Treatment


Some couples spend hundreds of thousands of rupees exhausting all of their options just in the hope to be able to conceive someday while some other couples decide from the get-go itself that though they want to have a baby they would not go for invasive fertility treatments or reach …

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Human Artificial Insemination


In the simplest way, the term ‘human artificial insemination can be described as a technology that is a blessing for today’s generation. The callous and hectic lifestyle of the younger generation has made the natural process of reproduction less significant. The number of people opting for this technique is increasing …

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When Will Periods Commence After Miscarriage

Irregular Period

After a miscarriage, a woman’s body returns to the normal state it was before pregnancy in a few week’s time. HCG levels start rising during the ensuing months of pregnancy. After miscarriage doctors monitor the levels in order to keep them at 5.0. While for some, periods may begin a good 45 …

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Age Exercise Weight And Infertility


Infertility or barrenness or sterility is used to define a condition in which a couple is not able to bore an offspring even after having infertility, conceive, weight infertility, age exercise weight, age exercise, exercise weight, infertility treatment year of unprotected sex. This inability of not being able to conceive …

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