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Do I Have Celiac Disease?

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This is the most common question asked by an individual to himself when he hears about symptoms of celiac disease. Celiac disease is a type of autoimmune small intestine disorder that’s transmitted from one person to another genetically irrespective of their age. The common symptoms of celiac disease are chronic …

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Vitamin Supplements For Nervousness Anxiety


With the kind of lifestyles we have these days, it is has become very common for people to suffer from anxiety. There are a lot of activities such as meditation and yoga, through which one can reduce their stress levels. It has been found out that vitamin B12 is the …

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Diagnosing Food Allergies


Doctors have a lot of ways to diagnose ailments. This is why they become a very reliable source of information when it comes to the possibilities of diseases that can affect your body. One of the things that are very difficult to diagnose is food allergies. Fortunately, there are certain series of …

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What’s It All About Milk Allergy

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Milk allergies can be defined as the condition wherein a person is found to be allergic to different types of proteins that can be found in cow’s milk. This is completely dissimilar to being lactose intolerant. A lactose-intolerant body does not metabolize lactose at all. A person with a milk allergy may …

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Healthy Diet For Teenagers

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Teenagers are in the growing-up phase and they do need a healthy diet to take care of all their nutritional requirements. They lead an extremely hectic lifestyle by being on the run throughout the day what with school, classes, and extra-curricular activities, and sports. A teenager’s diet must consist of …

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High Protein Diet


The high protein diet is one that formulates a diet plan that encourages a reduced amount of carbohydrates and an increased amount of proteins. This diet leads to fast as well as permanent weight reduction. It also promises a number of other benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, resetting one’s …

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Diet or Food Good For Swimmers


If a swimming pool is your best friend, then give this article a good read-up. It’s all about diet or foods good for swimmers. The nutritional platter is at your fit feast with this one. The diet or food good for swimmers is open and there is no line drawn …

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Suddenly Slim Diet


As soon as people decide that they must shed some extra weight, they embark upon an arduous journey that leads them to experiment with a number of diet plans. One such diet plan is the suddenly slim diet plan. As is the case with a large number of diets; it …

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Diet Plan To Get Rid Of Hypertension


If you have been afflicted by high blood pressure then you will need to keep a vigilant watch on your diet if you want it to be controlled by natural means and without resorting to lifelong medication. 1.   Continuous research has proved that dietary control plays a major role …

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Diet Plans To Build Muscle


There are special diet plans for muscle building. To build muscle the daily calorific input should be between 3000-5000 calories. The thumb rule is that gain of muscle mass should be 80 percent through diet and 20 percent through exercise.  The diet also should be healthy but should be less …

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