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Ayurveda For Frigidity


Frigidity is a long-term lack of sexual drive that is more often applied to women.  Frigidity can lead to problems in family life. The contributing factors are psychological fear about sex or due to anxiety or trauma. Avoiding sex for prolonged periods or lack of enjoyment in spite of having a …

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Things To Know About IVF

Things To Know About IVF

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization technique is a ray of hope for those couples who cannot conceive naturally because of infertility. This technique is also known by the name of the test-tube baby technique. Although it is advised not to go for this technique until there is no other door …

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Plasticizers Pesticides May Reduce Fertility

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According to a recent study on fertility, it has been proved that plasticizer pesticides may reduce fertility. Women who are exposed to plasticizers at their workplace are more likely to experience fertility problems as compared to women who do not have to endure such conditions at their workplace. Even lower …

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When To Stop Infertility Treatment


Some couples spend hundreds of thousands of rupees exhausting all of their options just in the hope to be able to conceive someday while some other couples decide from the get-go itself that though they want to have a baby they would not go for invasive fertility treatments or reach …

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Average Cost Of Surrogacy


Surrogate pregnancy is an option available for those couples who experience infertility, and especially when the woman is not in a position to physically carry a baby or carry a pregnancy. And, because of the various complexities, the couples often use a surrogate agency which helps them in finding a …

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Health Insurance For Infertility Treatment

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In the United States, an estimated 6,000,000 women experience the travails of infertility each year. To what extent a woman is eligible for an infertility treatment discount depends significantly on (1) the kind of coverage needed (2) the state in which the woman resides (3) additional facilities like insurance incentives by …

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Human Artificial Insemination


In the simplest way, the term ‘human artificial insemination can be described as a technology that is a blessing for today’s generation. The callous and hectic lifestyle of the younger generation has made the natural process of reproduction less significant. The number of people opting for this technique is increasing …

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Male Infertility And Preventive Medicine

Top 10 sexual envisions every woman dreams

Infertility is the inability of a couple to become pregnant after a year of unprotected intercourse. This can happen in the male partner, the female partner, or both. In Men, infertility disorders happen due to various reasons such as low or no sperm count, blocked sperm ducts, failure to ejaculate, …

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How To Cope With Infertility


It is a dream of every couple to have their own children. But there are some unfortunate couples who are not so blessed and find it difficult to conceive. The recent statistics display the approximately thirty percent of couples today find it difficult to conceive due to various problems. Generally, …

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How To Prevent Infertility

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Prevention of infertility is a much better option than treating it. Although many times the cause of infertility is genetic, we can take some preventive steps just to assure fertility. It is very important that you analyze the environment around you to analyze the potential causes of infertility since the …

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