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Psychological Reasons Behind Kids Fighting

Kids Fighting

Mental health of kids must be taken utmost care of right from the early stage. Children simulate the behaviour and attitude of parents. When kids see parents fighting or arguing, it has an adverse effect on their emotions and psychology. Fighting in front of kids is a sign of bad parenting. …

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How to swaddle a baby in the right way

Swaddled infant

Babies are not just born to bring happiness and joy but they also come up with a great sense of responsibility and care. They need to be pampered and nurtured with good values and healthy eating habits. Infants health is very important as it forms the building blocks of the …

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Dads should know everything about Pregnancy

couple-parents talks magazine

Congratulations, as soon as you are going to be a father. But do you know that you have to go through with the toughest situation of pregnancy and labor? We know that you are totally unaware of the term pregnancy. Many questions in your mind including that, How it will …

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Types Of Parenting Styles

Mother daughter

Your parenting style has a direct effect on children and their development. The approach depends on the personal experience, psychology, and individual ideologies of parents. The upbringing of parents too plays a subconscious role as a parent and is a major influence on children as they grow. The way you …

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How to take care of yourself in pregnancy

Parenting Beauties Parents Talks 7

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life and during these nine months, she has to take care of herself in such a way that both mother and baby stay fit and healthy. The families always play an important part in taking care of preggies but sometimes there …

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How to Know About the best age gap between kids

Baby Mobile Phone

Children play an important role in the life of their parents. They are the seeds which are continuously nurtured and developed with love, care, affection, and moral values, Planning to have children is one of the major decisions of family planning. It is advisable that the father and the mother …

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A Complete Guide To Help Dads to Conceive

Dad to conceive

A father is someone who plays the all rounded role for the kid. He can be a hero, a guide, a mentor and even his storyteller at night. But, before all this, he must be sure to carry out the responsibility of a child for his whole life. He must …

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Work-Life balance for Working Women


Working mommies!! Are you the one who is getting trapped between work and life? We know that it is very difficult to manage your personal life along with your profession. The back to back meetings, emails and lots of targets makes your life to miss the family time, kid’s activities, romantic …

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Why the second child is important?

Parents Talk Magazine 4

Having a family is very important to survive. If we talk about the past 35-40 years ago, there was no family planning and thus the number of children in the family. Now the society’s view is changed and people even count the baby’s gap balance to maintain a healthy family …

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