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How to help kids cope with their emotions?

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Everyone, be it adults or kids, have difficulties in expressing their emotions. Though the parents try to help the kids in expressing their emotions properly, still they struggle to do so. For this, the parents must take out time and energy to teach their children how to manage their feelings. …

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Raising an Only Child: Top 8 Tips for Parents

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With an expanding number of urban guardians refraining from second-time pregnancy, here’s your guide for raising a happy and responsible single child. Whether it is the rising fiscal concerns, late first-time pregnancy, career-oriented parents or the nervousness of again going through the labor pain, a single kid family is gradually …

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Gender Neutral Parenting: Everything you should know

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While growing up we all are raised with this thinking in the mind that blue is for a boy and pink is for a girl, right? However, the time has changed now. Though today some parents are opting to raise their child as gender neutral. Though it is an unconventional …

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A Guide for Age appropriate toys (0-1yearsold)

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Toys develop the learning skills of the babies along with playing and they enjoy being busy with the toys. This is the best investment for children’s development. But it is very necessary to choose the correct option for the babies’ which they really like and show interest to play with …

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Top 8 signs of bad parenting

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We have all heard that terrible children originate from awful guardians, and there are a few different ways to be an awful parent. Guardians are kid’s first instructors throughout everyday life. A youngster’s frame of mind, perspectives, objectives, and point of view rely upon what the person in question gains …

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Top 9 Fun Learning Activities for Kids

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Children don’t really require a classroom to learn their lessons. You can make things about less formal by adding textbook knowledge with some educational exercise for children. These activities make education more interesting and less stressful.  Start with some basic game that helps your children learn the name of the animals, …

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