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Meditation To Enhance Body, Mind and Stress Management


After trying several things for stress management, people are coming back to the old ways. They are giving preference to yoga to deal with stress in their daily life. Yoga can be performed anytime and anywhere, therefore can be a quick stress reliever and help you restore calmness. If you …

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Top Reasons Why I Love Christmas So Much!


Christmas, a festival. Now, what is a festival? Festival is an occasion in which a bunch of people following same or different caste or culture celebrates a particular memory. Maybe a memory of the birthday of their Guru or God, a memory of Ram’s return or any such special memory. …

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Top 5 ways to celebrate green Diwali


Diwali is said to be the festival of lights. This is an Indian festival and we all feel great to celebrate this beautiful festival with their families while lighting up crackers and candles. This year, 2019, we shall witness a new change! Our favorite festival of lights will be celebrated …

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Karva Chauth: The beautiful festival for brides


Karva Chauth is considered as one of the most awaited traditional Indian festival celebrated by married couples that allows them to express their altruistic love for each other. Keeping in mind the enthusiasm and zeal of the bond of love for their husbands, all the married women keep a fast …

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Why the second child is important?

Parents Talk Magazine 4

Having a family is very important to survive. If we talk about the past 35-40 years ago, there was no family planning and thus the number of children in the family. Now the society’s view is changed and people even count the baby’s gap balance to maintain a healthy family …

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Pregnancy Planning: Things to do before getting pregnant

Pregnancy complications

Parenthood is a wonderful expedition which requires no special tutoring or a special guide to scouting of your talent! It is an innate character to become a good parent. But if you ask me is there anything you need to know before becoming a parent. I would definitely say YES. …

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Grandparents are best friends of babies

Grand Parents PT

The bond between grandparents and kids is so wonderful. Read through the article to know why grandparents are the best friends of babies. They have all the time in the world: they are mostly retired and they have no pressure on the workplace in the back of their mind. They …

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