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Different Methods Of Birth Control


Birth control falls under the family planning topic for couples. There are various views about birth control when it is viewed from religious and cultural angles. There are different methods that are used by couples as each has its own significant characteristics: First, a listing of the methods will be …

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Divorce Rights


A divorce proceeding can never be pleasant and comfortable. It is in almost all cases, unpleasant, inconvenient, stressful, and expensive. When the marriage breaks down with no hope for reconciliation, it is unfortunate indeed. However, a couple should be aware of the divorce rights of each spouse and ensure that they are not …

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How to Help Someone With Depression

Feeling alone in a relationship

Handling a depressed person is not easy. At the height of the depression, a person may try to commit suicide also. A depressed person is deprived of energy for performing activities. As commonly mistaken, depression has no link to emotion. Depressed people need special attention and treatment for their recovery. By following certain methods …

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Kids And Yoga: Top 8 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids


Yoga has emerged from India and is emerging as the most performed activity around the world which keeps you healthy and fresh. Yoga is found beneficial for human beings of all the ages. But many studies and surveys have shown that it is more beneficial for younger kids and toddlers. …

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Top 8 Ways to Safeguard Your Children From Coronavirus


At present, novel Coronavirus has become the other name of threat. The first case was reported in the Chinese Wuhan municipality at the end of December 2019. People were having acute respiratory syndrome and it is identified that Coronavirus is causing this situation. However, the situation is getting worse. According …

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Summer outing tips with babies

Summer outing tips

Are you a mother and also travel lover? But how to manage both the things with this burning sun or you will sit at home and wait for the rain to come. Do you have any idea or any planning but getting confused that how to manage with the weather. …

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Healthy Iron Rich foods for children

Baby Best food Parents Talks

Iron in bodies plays a vital role in the growth and development of the brain as well as the muscles. The lack of iron in toddlers and kids can cause iron deficiency and anaemia in children. So, it is very necessary to provide them with the proper iron according to …

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