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Makeup Foundation Kit


Makeup foundation is a perfect ornament for your face to glow and looks flawless. It helps to conceal the blemishes and to even out the facial skin tone.   A makeup foundation kit comprises a variety of products that are specific to a gamut of skin tone and type. Some of …

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Eye Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes

blue eyes face-skincare

Almond-shaped eyes are the most common shape. Almond shaped eyes are slightly upswept at the outer corners. Almond shaped eyes can tend towards round or narrow oval shapes and would then need to be corrected to make them appear proportionate. Almond shaped eyes are the easiest eye shape to do makeup. They are …

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Latest 8 Makeup Trends to Follow

Top Makeup Trends to Follow Parents Talks

Welcome 2021 with the trendiest look and become a trendsetter for the year. If you love to experiment with your makeup you must follow the new trends. Who doesn’t want to look stylish and trendy from the first day of the new year? We will discuss here the makeup trends …

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