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Is Your Man Mama’s Boy


If your boyfriend or husband is a mama’s boy, then you’re sure to be driven up the wall in no time! Listening to “mama this, mama that” all the time can be very frustrating. Especially when your man is always comparing you to his mother! “Mama makes better meatballs than …

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Different Methods Of Birth Control


Birth control falls under the family planning topic for couples. There are various views about birth control when it is viewed from religious and cultural angles. There are different methods that are used by couples as each has its own significant characteristics: First, a listing of the methods will be …

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How To Build Strong And Long Lasting Relationships


Do you want to know How to make relationships stronger and long-lasting? Then I will tell you how. Let us first understand what causes us to think,  How to make relationships stronger and long-lasting. Nowadays both men and women work so their life becomes stressful as each one of them …

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Get Rid of the Guilt of Having Single Child

Single Child parents

It used to take me long to wipe the guilt off my mind. Whenever someone popped the eternal question about the plan of the next child, I used to shrug it off with some excuses. The guilt was however static for a few days. Have you ever felt so? Like …

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